Restoring Your Smile At Crown House Dental In Egham

Restoring Your Smile At Crown House Dental In Egham

What to consider?

Here at Crown House Dental in Egham we offer a wide variety of cost-effective treatments using both general and cosmetic dentistry techniques. Amongst these are our very popular treatments which focus on restoring your smile back to being healthy and looking great.

There are many different types of treatments available and which one suits your needs really comes down to the outcome you want, and the current health status of your smile. What is exciting, is that techniques are available ranging from those to correct minor issues, all the way to completely transforming severe dental problems. There are usually various options to help restore even the most damaged smile.

If you are considering restorative dentistry, there are lots of things to consider such as:

●     What are the problems I have with my smile?

●     What would I like to change about my smile?

●     What is my budget for getting my smile fixed?

●     How much time do I have to get my smile restored?

●     How much work do I want doing? Is it a minor adjustment, or a complete makeover?

Most commonly, people want restorative dentistry to fix things like crowded, misshapen, stained, gappy, missing or overlapping teeth. Often the issues will have been bothering a person for some time before they visit us. Things like dental stains can be fixed using tooth whitening, but if the staining or discolouration runs deeply (something we can only find out after an examination), veneers may be more of a suitable option.

The same is for things like tiny hairline cracks which could be fixed with dental bonding, but large pieces of damage may require much more extensive work.

In a lot of cases, dental veneers are a great solution because they ‘straighten’ the teeth and give you a whiter teeth – they can be used to address a lot of problems with the smile.

When it comes to missing teeth, there are lots of options such as dentures and bridges. However, dental implants are also available and are an incredible treatment providing a more permanent and sturdy option for replacing teeth. They can replace one tooth, or an entire arch and involve the implant devices being placed into the jawbone and surrounding tissue. A person’s suitability for dental implants is very personal to them, and is something we need to do various examinations and investigations to gauge. Lifestyle is another deciding factor when it comes to dental implants as certain habits, like smoking, affect the body’s ability to heal.

Please Speak To Crown House Dental In Egham About Your Options

Whether you want a complete smile makeover, or one chipped tooth fixing, the first step to restoration is a dental consultation with us. Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to get you booked in. We’re excited to help you restore your smile back to that ‘A’ list appearance you deserve!

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