The Best Ways To Get Relief From Your Sensitive Teeth

The Best Ways To Get Relief From Your Sensitive Teeth

Tooth sensitivity? Crown House Dental in Egham can help.

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity you are one of many people struggling with the same issue. It is so common, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it for granted and live with the pain everyday, with no resolution. If you have assumed your sensitive teeth are because of reasons beyond your control, it’s time to think again. There is a really good chance your sensitive teeth are being caused by issues you may have influence over.

Your teeth are coated in enamel, which is basically what protects the inside parts of your teeth from any ‘nasties’. When we wear that part of the teeth down, the dentin (the inside part of your teeth) becomes susceptible to pain and strong sensations from foods that are hot, cold, acidic or sweet. These sensations can be very painful for some people, so here are some of best ways to help you get relief from your sensitive teeth:

Brush Softly

Brushing your teeth too hard exposes them to an increased risk of tooth sensitivity and brushing too hard can create a gap between the teeth and the gum which exposes the root. Make sure you are using a soft to medium brush, brushing with short strokes in a firm way, but without scrubbing the teeth. Massaging over scrubbing is a great approach.

Use Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

At your local Egham dentist, we can recommend the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth. You must use it regularly to avoid tooth sensitivity rather than only when you want to avoid pain. Usually it makes a big difference after using it twice a day for a couple of weeks.

Use High Fluoride Mouthwash

This will help build protect your enamel, ensuring your teeth stay as protected against sensitivity as they possibly can be.

Cut Out The Acidic Food & Drink

Food and drink that is high acid will take its toll on your tooth enamel. Citrus foods, tomatoes, fruit drinks and other high acid food and drinks should be combined with other foods during a meal. It is also a good idea to follow the consumption of these foods and drinks with water, and to wait at least an hour before brushing the teeth if you plan to do this following a high acid meal. This is because the acidic food can soften tooth enamel which is then easier to break down by aggressive brushing.

Discuss Your Sensitivity With Your Egham Dentist Pre-Whitening

If you’re going to have your teeth whitened with us in-house, or perhaps try an at-home system with us, it is certainly a good idea to mention teeth sensitivity during your consultation. This may affect the type of whitening we recommend to you as the treatment can cause temporary tooth sensitivity.

Get A Custom Mouth Guard

If you grind your teeth at night you could be causing sensitivity by wearing down tooth enamel without even knowing you are doing it. Our local Egham clinic offers treatments for this in the way of custom mouth guards which will protect your teeth at night.

Speak To Your Dentist for Experienced Guidance

If you’re struggling with sensitivity, please talk to Crown House Dental about it. We need to ensure there is no underlying infection or condition causing the sensitivity and if there is an underlying cause like tooth decay, gum disease or other medical cause we can help treat that. If there isn’t an obvious cause, we can offer a wide variety of treatments or products to help.

Struggling with sensitivity? Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be pleased to book an appointment and get you well on your way to enjoying relief from this painful condition.

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