Getting Over Your Fear Of The Dentist

Getting Over Your Fear Of The Dentist

The team at Crown House Dental in Egham look more closely at dental phobia.

Are you one of the high percentage of the UK population who is scared of visiting the dentist? Do you find yourself worried a few days before the appointment, or even a few weeks?

Are you so nervous you avoid going to the dentist at all? Do you feel like your dental anxiety is completely beyond your control?

First things first, you need to know you are not alone. Here at your local Egham dentist we are trained to help patients just like you overcome their dental anxiety, because there are so many people suffering with this problem. Most people have at least a little dental anxiety, and about 10-15% of those with dental anxiety are so crippled by it they avoid going anywhere near a dentist.

Some people have anxiety to such an extent they are plagued by nightmares about the dentist, or even avoid any activities or food that could compromise their teeth and cause them to need dental treatment. As a consequence of this anxiety and avoiding the dentist, these people often suffer for years with pain, infections, problems eating, and a degraded smile which then affects the person’s confidence.

Overcoming Your Fear Of The Dentist

Here at our Egham dental clinic we completely understand how you feel, and we know how hard it is to have dental anxiety, especially when you know you need treatment. It really is important that you know that help is available to you. Even people with the most extreme anxiety can get over their fears and eventually feel comfortable having dental treatment.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Everybody is different, and anxiety can come from anywhere; indeed some people don’t even know how they became so anxious about the dentist. There are also some common causes including:

●     Having a traumatic experience at the dentist as a child

●     Seeing your parent have a traumatic dental experience when you were young

●     Seeing your parent express anxiety about visiting the dentist

●     Having a traumatic experience at the dentist as an adult

●     Hearing a horrible story about the dentist and developing fear over that story

Overcoming Your Fear Of The Dentist

It is possible for even the most terrified people to get over their fear of the dentist and gain the treatment they need. Usually the basis of treatment comes from replacing any negative experiences you might have had with positive ones, here at our Egham dental clinic. We aim to improve your feelings and opinions about dentistry in general, enabling you to trust in our expertise. The more good experiences you have, the more positive your feelings towards the dentist will be. Our training and sympathetic nature has enabled us to help people with all levels of dental anxiety, and we can help you too.

We go at your pace, and treat you as an individual, working around your individual fears and issues to help you finally get the treatment you deserve. If you would like to talk to us about overcoming dental anxiety, please call our friendly team on 01784432641 or contact us using this contact form. We are here to help you!

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