Keep On Top Of Your Oral Health This Cold & Flu Season

Keep On Top Of Your Oral Health This Cold & Flu Season

Simple to follow tips from Crown House Dental in Egham

According to recent statistics, adults will get the flu about once every 5 years. More sources suggest that adults will also suffer from a general cold 2-3 times every single year. So as the key flu and cold season gets into full swing, there are plenty of things you can do to help avoid catching something including:

  • Taking vitamin C
  • Washing your hands regularly and considering using antibacterial gel after touching surfaces used by many people
  • Practicing good daily health regimes like drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet and exercising

Of course, sometimes colds or the flu just get the best of us and it is a case of riding out the symptoms for a few days, or in some cases a week or two. In the meantime, as well as looking after your general health it is important to pay attention to your oral health too. You may not think about your oral health much at all whilst you feel ill, but it is important to focus on your mouth to ensure you don’t come out of the illness with further health problems to deal with. Try following these 5 tips to help care for your oral health during a cold or the flu:

1. Keep Up With Daily Brushing

You probably won’t even feel like getting out of bed, but you must keep up with daily brushing to ensure that you’re getting rid of debris and bacteria, plaque and other nasties that can cause long term problems. Brush for two minutes, twice a day with the right toothbrush and toothpaste. Unsure on which toothbrush and toothpaste is right for you? Your Egham dentist can help you adjust your oral health regime to suit your needs.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

Your body gets dehydrated when it has a fever which can cause dry mouth, and dry mouth can cause all kinds of nasty issues. Saliva helps battle bacteria and and rinses away oral nasties that can lead to plaque and cavities. Consume plenty of fluids in the way of water, herbal teas, soups and high water content vegetables and fruits to help stay hydrated and to combat dry mouth.

3. Throw Away That Toothbrush

Keep your toothbrush whilst you are ill, but when you recover throw away the toothbrush you had and get a new one. Bacteria that made you ill can remain in the toothbrush and make you poorly again.

4. Forget About Sugary Soothers

There are plenty of sweets containing natural ingredients to sooth a sore throat and clear out nasal congestion, but they often have lots of sugar in them to make them nicer to consume. High sugar content in sweets that will be sucked throughout the day are bad news for your teeth, so try and stick to natural remedies like honey and lemon with hot water, or sugar free sweets.

5. Wait An Hour To Brush After Being Sick

Vomiting can come as part of a nasty bug, and it can be tempting to brush straight afterwards; but this can actually be bad news for your teeth. You’ll simply be brushing the stomach acid around and damaging the enamel on your teeth even more. Rinse with water but try to wait around an hour before brushing your teeth to minimise spreading the acid. Your saliva should also have helped to neutralise it by then.

Care For Your Teeth All Year Round With Help From Crown House Dental

The better health your teeth are in when you are well, the more likely they are to withstand issues that can occur as a result of infections and illness. Brush twice a day for two minutes, avoid eating high sugar, high starch or high acid foods, avoid bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Also visit your Egham dentist for checkups regularly! Do you need to book an appointment? Please call our friendly team on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help you.

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