New Year New Smile With Crown House Dental Egham

New Year New Smile With Crown House Dental Egham

Is your oral health and smile in shape for 2017?

Happy New Year from Crown House Dental in Egham! We hope that 2017 is set to bring great things for you. Perhaps you’ve already started your New Year’s resolutions and you’re eating healthier, quitting smoking, starting a new hobby, or any other amazing resolution set to improve your life for the better.

As you’re cracking on with getting 2017 on the right track, perhaps it’s time to think about aspects of yourself you perhaps always wanted to improve? Many patients come to us in the New Year thinking about their smile, considering cosmetic dentistry to transform their smile into the ‘A list’ grin they always wanted. There are many different reasons people want cosmetic dentistry including:

●     Wanting a smile like a celebrity

●     Wanting to improve on an already great smile

●     Wanting the perfect smile!

●     Correcting an old dental injury or issue

●     To brighten stained teeth

●     To completely transform a smile that has perhaps deteriorated over time, and causes embarrassment

●     To straighten a crooked smile

●     To correct tooth gaps

●     To bring shape back to the face, through replacing missing teeth

These are just some of the reasons patients speak to us about aesthetic dentistry, everyone has an individual story and circumstance, and that is the way we treat every patient, as an individual. We understand that often, emotions can run high with how a person feels about their smile, and getting a new smile can be an emotional journey for many different reasons. With our understanding and professional manner, we ensure every patient is supported through this emotional and transformational journey.

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry with our Egham dentist, there are many different treatments available to you including:

●     Tooth whitening – we use Polanight, a highly effective at-home tooth whitening treatment

●     Veneers – a minimal intervention procedure which is able to transform the appearance of the teeth to a dramatic level

●     Crowns, Bridges & Dentures – we provide these treatments with an aesthetic approach

●     Orthodontics – adult orthodontics are perfect for adults who missed out on getting their teeth straightened as children

These treatments can be combined to create a complete smile makeover. However, some of the treatments may not be suitable for some people, which is why we always complete a thorough consultation to check the health of the teeth, to discuss your wants, needs and expectations, and to provide different transparent treatment plan and quote options for you to consider. We are always extremely honest when it comes to providing a cosmetic dentistry quotation, and our Egham staff will never mislead you, or offer you a treatment that isn’t suitable.

Get In Touch With Crown House Dental In Egham About Cosmetic Dentistry!

If you think 2017 could be your year to get the smile you deserve, please give us a call on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to give you more information, or book you a consultation. With our modern treatment options, friendly staff and considerate approach to patients needs, Crown House Dental in Egham is a great place for you to transform your smile in 2017.

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