Your Lifestyle & Your Oral Health

Your Lifestyle & Your Oral Health

How your day-to-day habits affect teeth and gums.

Poor oral health has a detrimental effect on your entire body. It may just affect your confidence if you are concerned about the aesthetics, it may cause you issues with eating or talking properly, or there have been connections made with things like diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

The best thing about this information, is that most of this can be turned around with a change in certain habits. You have control over reducing your risk and improving your oral health.

How well you look after your oral health will influence your overall health and neglecting your mouth can lead to more problematic issues than simply sore gums or yellowed teeth. It can leave you more at risk of horrible diseases like oral cancer and there have also been studies linking gum issues with things like strokes, pregnancy problems and heart disease. You won’t cause the problems with bad oral health but it may be a contributory factor.

A Healthy Lifestyle Makes A Difference

Various habits will affect your oral health in different ways.

Sugar: Having a high sugar diet will inevitably affect your teeth, no matter how well you brush them. It will also add to potential gum issues. The more sugar you consume, the more food you’re giving bacteria to feed on which contributes to tooth decay via the acids they create.

Smoking: It is no secret that smoking and using tobacco products can cause gum disease, contributes to tooth decay and actually causes oral cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, “Smoking is the main avoidable risk factor for oral cancer, linked to an estimated 65% of oral cancer cases in the UK.” (S). Cigars are also largely responsible for throat and tongue cancers.

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol dehydrates the mouth, which means saliva is unable to flush away any bacteria entering the mouth. Alcohol addictions may also prevent a person from maintaining excellent oral hygiene regimens.

Weight Fluctuations: ‘Yo-Yo’ dieters find themselves at risk of ill-fitting dentures because weight gain and weight loss effects how the gum pads in the dentures fit.

Medication: Certain medications contain ingredients which will affect oral health. Some can give patients dry mouth, whereas others might cause staining. We always recommend patients visit our Egham dentist to talk over any new medication they are taking so that we can offer solutions to any side effects relating to oral health.

A Healthy Mouth Contributes To A Healthy Body

To keep your mouth, and overall health in tip top shape, visit your Egham dentist regularly. Any issues you might have can be treated straight away, and hopefully even prevented with a good oral hygiene regime. At home you should brush twice a day, eat a healthy diet rich with fruit and vegetables and avoid bad habits such as smoking and also drinking over the government’s recommended daily amounts.

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