Back To Basics: How The Mouth Works

Back To Basics: How The Mouth Works

A quick look at the workings of your mouth.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in what our smile looks like or could become with cosmetic dentistry, we lose touch with the very basics of how it works, and how our main oral areas works too.

So, your local Egham dentist wanted to bring you a really basic rundown of how your entire oral area works, so you can feel better informed about how and why you need to take such good care of it.

The Mouth

The mouth is essential for your digestive system, your speech and for controlling the air that gets in and out of your body. The teeth sit within the mouth and help us chew food, talk and they help maintain the shape of the face. Within your mouth you also have a soft palate and a hard palate, both which have lots and lots of important jobs to do.

The centre of your mouth contains the tongue which is a large muscle within the mouth that helps you taste, create saliva and swallow food. Saliva is extremely important to the mouth and helps to begin the digestive process by breaking down food. It also helps to get rid of nasty bacteria that can attack the teeth. Framing the mouth are your lips which protect the inside of the mouth, the lips contain muscles that help them move.

Along both arches of the mouth sit the teeth which are made from cementum, enamel, dentin and pulp and an adult human has 32 permanent teeth.

What Your Mouth Does

When you eat, your teeth break the food up into smaller pieces as the tongue helps by pushing food against the teeth. Whilst we chew the saliva glands express saliva which helps soften and break down food, and also helps us to swallow the food. Once we have chewed the food enough it is swallowed and the soft palate closes the nasal passages off to prevent the food going into the nose. All areas of the mouth also help us to express ourselves with facial expressions, and also aid our speech and vocal communication.

Caring For Your Mouth

There are many disorders of the mouth that can occur, which is why regular Egham dental check ups are necessary. The sooner a condition or issue is identified, the sooner you can be treated, or referred to the right practitioner for treatment. Many oral conditions, like gum disease or cavities are preventable with a good oral hygiene regime. This includes:

●     Visiting Crown House Dental once every six months or more if indicated by your dentist

●     Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time

●     Using the right toothbrush and toothpaste for your personal needs

●     Consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables

●     Avoiding sugary food and drinks, high acid food and drinks. Avoiding habits like smoking and keeping drinking alcohol to government guidelines

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Please call us to register as a new patient, or to get a check up. Your mouth is an incredible part of your body, and does a lot of jobs, hence why it is so important to take care of it. Let us help you keep your oral health on track! Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help you!

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