The Brightest Smile For Your Wedding Day

The Brightest Smile For Your Wedding Day

See how cosmetic dentistry in Egham can help you prepare for your big event!

There are few things more beautiful than a stunning bride in a wedding dress, grinning from ear to ear at the occasion. If you’re planning your own special day, you more than likely have a lot of planning to get done before you can even think about relaxing and enjoying what should be the most incredible day of your life.

A lot of preparation goes into a wedding, much of which relates to the bridal outfit – the dress, the makeup, the hair, the shoes. One thing people now think carefully about, which they may have not done in the past, is cosmetic dentistry for their big day. Cosmetic dentistry used to be reserved for the elite and for the Hollywood A-Listers, but now, with dental technology having evolved and with prices being much more competitive, we can all have the perfect wedding day smile.

The most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment patients have at our Egham dentist is teeth whitening. Having your teeth whitened comes at a reasonable price, and is able to produce pretty incredible results – life changing for some patients. It is however, important to remember that we don’t offer teeth whitening to everyone, because we are all different and not everyone will get the same results.

Different types of teeth discolouration will respond differently; grey staining or tints will react differently to yellowed teeth, a person with gum disease cannot have teeth whitening until the disease is resolved, and certain dental restorations like fillings or bridges do not whiten so can actually look darker against other teeth following a treatment. These are just some of the reasons we ensure patients come in for a consultation, because we would only ever perform a treatment if it was safe and suitable. We can also offer alternative cosmetic dentistry treatments if whitening is not suitable.

Types Of Whitening

There are a few different ways to whiten the teeth, one of which is cosmetic veneers which are placed onto prepared teeth. Veneers are a more detailed form of cosmetic dentistry which are transformational and involve a longer process. Many people with misaligned or chipped teeth or just wanting a complete smile makeover could opt for veneers.

The most common way to whiten the teeth though, is through cosmetic bleaching. Although some clinics offer both ‘in-house’ and ‘at home’ options, we provide just at-home because we find it to be just as effective for the patient, and a cheaper option long-term. The system we use is called Polanight. We take impressions of your teeth to make personalised trays and our hygienist then gives you instructions on how to use the product and trays at home. This system gives you the most control over top ups and it is a fantastic option for brides already short on time planning their wedding because you can literally whiten your teeth while you sleep!

Come To Your Local Egham Dentist For The Bright Smile You Deserve On Your Wedding Day!

If you want to talk about cosmetic dentistry for your special day, please give our TW20 dental clinic a call on 01784432641 and we will be very pleased to get you booked in.

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