Looking After Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Looking After Your Teeth During Pregnancy

Dental care advice for expectant mums in Egham.

Our Egham dentist is family friendly, which means we get patients coming into us at all stages of life, including pregnancy. Surprisingly, many women don’t initially consider their oral care a priority when they become pregnant, possibly because there is so much focus on what to eat, getting enough rest and of course, preparing for the baby’s arrival. If this sound like you, don’t worry, your local dental practice in TW20 is here to help. The more information you have, the more able you’ll be to keep your teeth healthy and clean throughout all three trimesters.

Caring for your teeth throughout pregnancy is really important. Oral issues can affect your general health, and it’s the same the other way around too; so pregnancy or side effects of pregnancy can cause issues with your teeth and gums. Gum disease is a problematic oral issue that should be a particular concern to ladies in pregnancy, as some studies have shown it can influence the likelihood of a premature birth, or a child born below a healthy weight.

During pregnancy, regular checkups with your friendly Egham dentist, combined with lots of information, awareness and excellent oral hygiene habits make for the ideal approach to your oral health care.



Let the dentist know you are pregnant as soon as possible. Let them know about any health care conditions related to the pregnancy that your doctor has made you aware of, and any medication or treatment you are receiving in relation to your pregnancy. Pregnant ladies are at an increased risk of gum disease because progesterone levels increase, which then causes our bodies to respond to the bacteria in plaque more dramatically than they usually would.


It is important to eat a balanced diet while you are pregnant, for oral health and overall health. It is important to remember that the balanced diet you are consuming will benefit your health and your baby’s health. Your baby will develop teeth under the gums between 3-6 months of your pregnancy – during this time you should take extra care to get plenty of protein, phosphorous, Vitamins D, A and C and of course, calcium.


A lot of people still believe calcium can be drained from the teeth if you are pregnant and aren’t getting enough calcium. This really is a myth as calcium intake only affects the development of teeth and cannot ‘drain’ from the teeth once they are fully formed. A lack of calcium may, however, occur in the bones. To keep bones healthy and to support the development of your baby’s teeth and bones try to ensure you’re eating plenty of calcium, taking a supplement if necessary.

Before You Get Pregnant

If you have planned to start trying for a baby it’s a great idea to go to your dentist so that any dental work you need can be completed before you get pregnant.

Oral Care

As you are more prone to gingivitis when you are pregnant, your oral healthcare routine is more important than ever. Take care to brush and floss at least twice a day (thoroughly but not vigorously), use a good quality toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, and be sure to only spit the toothpaste out after brushing – don’t rinse with water or toothpaste.

Morning Sickness

If you get morning sickness, the first thing you need to do is avoid brushing straight after you have been sick. Your stomach acid contributes to tooth erosion, so brushing will make it worse. Drink water or rinse your mouth with water, then brush your teeth at least an hour after you have stopped being sick. If you struggle with flavoured toothpaste because of nausea, we can recommend some bland toothpaste brands which will make brushing easier.


It can be so easy to eat lots of sugary foods during pregnancy, especially if you have cravings. Try to stick to a balanced diet as much as possible, and if you are giving in to cravings for food that could be damaging your teeth, like lemons (a common pregnancy craving), don’t be embarrassed – speak to your dentist about it and they can provide support and advice.

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If you’re planning to have a baby, or are already pregnant, please give us a call on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to make you an appointment, to ensure you get the best possible oral health care during this important time.

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