Adult Teeth Straightening At Crown House Dental

Adult Teeth Straightening At Crown House Dental

Discreet braces for adults and teens.

Here at our Egham dentist we provide a wide range of professional services including both general and cosmetic dentistry. One area of our expertise that falls into both categories is adult teeth straightening.

Not so long ago, adults who had been putting off having their teeth straightened only had one choice – old fashioned braces which tend to take a long time and have quite an adverse aesthetic effect on the person wearing them.

For this reason, many adults put off transforming their teeth. However, in recent years, simplified, gentle teeth straightening has become available in the form of cosmetic adult orthodontics. Special product design has meant the materials used to straighten the teeth are nearly invisible. The treatments are also faster than traditional options, generally taking between 5-9 months.


Our Egham dentist uses the CFast system for adult teeth straightening. It is a minimally invasive treatment that realigns the top and bottom front 6 teeth. It does this using ‘invisible’ brackets and tooth coloured wires and tends to be faster than the alternative clear aligner systems.

A lot of our patients also choose to combine CFast with other treatments like teeth contouring and teeth whitening to ensure a complete smile transformation. All of these treatments are minimally invasive and not only help restore the teeth back to looking and feeling how they should, but they also restore a person’s confidence as well. This really is a pleasure to see.

CFast ART System

For those who do not want brackets or wires, we can also offer the CFast ART system which uses clear aligner trays. We will take impressions of your teeth to then create personalised trays in our off-site laboratory. Every fortnight or so, the trays are changed to exert slightly more pressure as the teeth move. The aligners have to be worn for as much of the day as possible, only being removed for mealtimes or teeth cleaning. The treatment time tends to be anything from a few months to a year depending on your individual needs.

The Initial Consultation

Before we recommend any adult teeth straightening treatments to you, we would invite you in for a friendly consultation to discuss your wants and needs. A thorough consultation will be performed, ensuring we have a clear idea of your current dental position.

Some patients may need quite extensive treatments, whereas for other patients we may not recommend straightening at all – it will depend on your individual circumstances. The main priority for us is to ensure that you get all of your questions answered, and to ensure that we recommend the most appropriate treatment for your needs. We will also discuss the costs involved, the time you will need to commit, and also other treatments that will create a dental plan that provides you with the best possible outcome.

Call Crown House Egham About Adult Teeth Straightening

Please give us a call on 01784432641 to make a consultation appointment, or if you are already a patient with us, please ask us about adult teeth straightening at your next visit. We have the expertise to transform your smile.

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