Merry Christmas From Crown House Dental In Egham!

Merry Christmas From Crown House Dental In Egham!

Festive smile facts to enjoy.

Here at your Egham dentist we want you to know that we really do appreciate your ongoing loyalty with our services.

We treasure the many families who come to us for their oral health needs, from fillings to checkups, veneers to teeth whitening, we offer treatments and services to cater for the dental needs of all ages.

As a thank you for being our wonderful customers this year, we wanted to give you 7 fun oral health and smile facts:

1. One In Four Adults Do Not Brush Their Teeth Twice A Day

With this in mind, maybe it would have been handy to ask Santa for an electric toothbrush for Christmas to persuade you to brush regularly. Too late? Grab a bargain in the January sales ready to start 2018 with awesome oral hygiene habits.

2. A Quarter Of Adults Have Not Visited Their Dentist In The Last Two Years

Your Egham dentist misses you! Regular checkups are what help you avoid pains and problems, plaque and tartar buildup and issues going missed. Give yourself the gift of good dental hygiene this year by resolving to book yourself in for a check up in the New Year. We look forward to seeing you again!

3. A Smile Is Top Of The List In Things We Notice About A New Person

So, if you’re attending a New Year’s eve party and wouldn’t mind impressing a stranger ready for the clock striking twelve, freshen up your smile and show it off!

4. Bright Clothes Help You To Smile More

If there was ever an excuse needed to opt for the brightest festive clothes, now you have proof that they actually make you smile more. Ditch the dismal blacks and greys and embrace brighter colours this festive season, then you’ll have even more to smile about!

5. Smiles Are Contagious

Studies show emotions are contagious, as are smiles. So if Christmas Day is a bit slow, and your family is getting a bit grumpy, start flashing your beautiful smile around and it should brighten up everyone’s mood.

6. Smiling Is Good For Your Health

Smiling is known to help lower blood pressure, boost your immune system and it uses a lot of facial muscles, so you could even say its a mini workout!

7. You Start Smiling Before You Learn Any Other Expression

We actually start smiling in the womb. So if you struggle to raise a grin when you get a dodgy gift or when the annual boring board game tournament begins, think back to those pre-birth months in the womb and hopefully you’ll remember how to smile again!

Start The New Year With Crown House Dental In Egham

We’re delighted to have our valued patients coming to our friendly local clinic regularly for checkups, cosmetic dentistry and general oral health support. So if you’re not currently registered with a local Egham dentist, why not start 2018 as a patient with us? We offer all the latest modern dentistry, treatments and services and our team is passionate about providing excellent customer service at every single appointment. Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be pleased to help.

Merry Christmas from all the team at Crown House Dental in Egham!

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