5 Awesome Facts About Teeth

5 Awesome Facts About Teeth

Here are some tooth facts you probably don’t know!

Here at our Egham dentist, we are genuinely passionate about teeth. Having studied them for years, you get to really appreciate how incredible they are, and the amazing things they can do.

When you think about the pleasure you get from biting into a crunchy piece of food, from smiling at someone who you think is amazing, or even from just chewing your food – you start to realise how important your teeth really are. More often than not we do take our teeth for granted, until we experience issues with them or lose them, realising how much they really do matter.

With good oral hygiene, good habits and regular visits to our dentist in TW20, you shouldn’t have to know how it feels to lose your teeth, but with these 5 awesome facts about teeth you are sure to appreciate them that bit more by the end of this article!

1. Whitening Wasn’t Enough For The Mayans

In modern times, we love getting our teeth whitened and straightened in the quest for the perfect celebrity smile. However, the Mayans went a bit further, opting for a true set of sparklers. Bejeweled teeth were common for the Mayans, and they used their version of what would now be a dentist’s drill to create holes in which a jewel would then be inserted. Because of the different evidence showing the Mayans extensive interaction and awareness of their teeth, it is thought that they were actually skilled dentists of their time.

2. Sharing Is Caring

6% of the population would share their toothbrush with a celebrity. 7% with a friend, 18% with our child and 24% with our partner. The other 45% of us simply don’t share! We don’t recommend it!

3. Toothache Pain Relief Used To Be Terrifying

Toothache is horrible, and here at our Egham dentist we will always work quickly to get our patients out of pain and get to the root of any problems. However, our ancestors most certainly used different methods of pain relief to us. It used to be believed that toothache was caused by worms in the teeth, so naturally seeds and wax, magic words and kissing a frog were used to get them out. Bashing a nail into the area with toothache and then removing it once there was blood and nailing it into a wooden beam was another recommended method. Just in case you fancied attempting any of these at home – please don’t!

4. The Calcium In Our Body Goes Where It Counts

Nearly 100% of all the calcium we hold in our bodies is in our bones and teeth. So when we say calcium is important for growing strong teeth and bones, we really mean it!

5. The Tooth Fairy Looks Different Around The World

As children, we grew up making a small fortune by leaving our baby teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy to collect. However, this isn’t the case for children living in different areas of the world. In Spain, Perez the mouse comes to collect the tooth and leaves money or a small gift in its place. In France they also have a mouse who collects the teeth, but he is called – La Bonne Petite Souris. In other parts of the world they simply have different rules about what you do with the teeth once they fall out. In Mongolia they cover the tooth in fat and feed it to a dog (do not do this at home) in the hope it their teeth grow strong, just like the dog’s teeth. In Egypt and some Asian countries they simply throw teeth in the air. Then in South Africa they leave the tooth out for the fairy, but it doesn’t go under a pillow, it goes in a slipper.

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