Find Out How Your Eating Pattern Affects Your Smile

Find Out How Your Eating Pattern Affects Your Smile

Food and its affects on your teeth and gums

The way you eat has a direct effect on your smile.

It makes sense; after all, the food and drink you consume has to go via your mouth before it goes to be digested, and that’s the enjoyable bit isn’t it! Sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, fizzy, sour, tangy – there are so many flavours and textures to enjoy.

But the concern your nearby Egham dentist has, is that record numbers of people are consuming food with a lot of sugar and acid in, which ends up affecting the teeth negatively.

Eating Patterns In Children

Eating patterns in children particularly, are a cause for concern, as bad choices can lead to early tooth decay. In the most extreme cases, children have to have their ‘baby teeth’ removed, which can lead to issues with the adult teeth which are developing under the gums and waiting to come through. It is a common misconception that the baby teeth of children are not important because they fall out anyway, so they are like a ‘first chance’ set which don’t matter because there’s always a second chance with the adult teeth. Unfortunately damage can still be done to lots of different areas of a developing smile with a bad diet.

Losing the baby teeth can result in issues with the surrounding teeth. The baby teeth are helping the child talk and express themselves and they hold a place for the adult tooth waiting underneath. If they are damaged or the gums are damaged, this can have a knock on effect and cause issues, not only with the adult teeth underneath, but with the development of the smile and with the child’s speech. A child may also not carry good oral hygiene habits into adulthood which can then affect their oral health further.

A Lack Of Nutrients & Too Much Sugar

The sugar in food is not actually bad on its own, or at least not for the teeth. However, it causes a reaction that is bad for the teeth because the bacteria feed on it, causing them to omit a nasty acid that damages the teeth. Persistent acid attacks like this lead to tooth decay which then causes a need for fillings or even root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

Of course many foods contain sugar, not just sweets or sugary drinks; however, other foods that are sugary are also likely to contain nutrients which are an essential part of a healthy diet. Pastries, sweets and other high sugar or starch foods tend to be ’empty’ calories so you get limited nutrients and then tooth damage as well!

The lack of nutrients from a bad diet can cause other negative effects on your oral health. Leading cancer charity, Cancer Research UK, have statistics showing that over 50% of head and neck cancers are linked to a diet insufficient in fruits and vegetables. A diet lacking in nutrients can also contribute to gum disease and tooth loss, as well has making it more difficult for your mouth to fight off infection.

Keep Your Diet Balanced For Optimum Full Body Health

A balanced diet full of fruit and vegetables, whole grains, healthy proteins, healthy fats and sources of vitamins and minerals will certainly set you on the right track. If you’re unsure if your teeth have been affected by your diet, or you want further advice on adjusting your diet for healthier teeth, please make an appointment with your local dentist in Egham.

Please call Crown House Dental on 01784432641 and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to make you an appointment.

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