Eating Habits And How They Affect Your Teeth

Eating Habits And How They Affect Your Teeth

Crown House Dental in Egham takes a closer look….

Eating habits have a massive effect on how healthy we are and how much we weigh, but did you know they also affect your oral health?

Grazing particularly, is a habit that has a big effect on your oral health, and is defined as eating little amounts frequently.

So you might have breakfast, then have a chocolate bar an hour later, then perhaps a couple of biscuits, then have your lunch, then a couple more biscuits mid afternoon, then dinner, then keep drinking cups of tea and little snacks into the evening. For your teeth this means a continual attack from the acid produced by the plaque that sits on your teeth after eating and until it is brushed away. So if you graze you put your teeth at a constant attack from acid, which is detrimental to enamel, the hardest part of your teeth.

So how do you protect your teeth if you are a grazer?

If you are a grazer you should try to snack on healthy foods like vegetable sticks if you can. In fact fibrous foods like kale will actively help to clean your teeth for you! You should also try and keep eating between main meals to a minimum so that your teeth are not being attacked most of the day. You should also try drinking water after meals to help wash food particles away, and chewing sugar free gum if you can to help generate saliva which helps to neutralise plaque acid and wash away food deposits.

It may be that you only eat main meals but you eat a high sugar and starch diet. If this is the case, unfortunately oral hygiene can only do so much. A diet high in sugar and starch is not good for the health of your body, including your teeth. There is no magic recipe or quick fix from your Egham dentist that can prevent this damage happening. Excellent oral hygiene, visiting the dentist regularly and only eating at mealtimes will help prevent the damage, but it can’t prevent it completely if you diet is very high in sugar and starch.

To try and minimise the damage, consider reducing the sugar and starch in your diet for the benefit of your smile, and the health of your entire body. Simple changes can make a big difference. Here are some easy suggestions:

  • Switch to sugar-free drinks, or even better drink mainly water
  • Consume sweet whole foods like bananas, apples, or oranges instead of chocolate bars full of processed sugar
  • Switch starchy carbs like white bread or crackers for whole grains like quinoa or brown rice
  • Make your own lunch up instead of buying one from a local eatery or cafe where the food might contain much more sugar
  • Try slowly cutting down on sugar to change your taste so you don’t need it any more. You might crave sugar for weeks, but eventually your body will ‘detox’ and you will feel more energetic, and satisfy any sugar cravings with fruit.

If you would like more information or advice on maintaining good oral health with your current eating habits, please call your Egham dentist on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help. Visiting the dentist in Egham regularly means you can get the best possible advice on your oral health regime, and any potential issues can be spotted early on.

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