Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum health at Crown House Dental in Egham.

Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is common, but in many cases preventable. It comes in many different levels ranging from general inflammation of the gums, all the way to complete tooth loss and damage to the bone that keeps the teeth in place.

Although some people can be more at risk of gum disease (people on certain medications, people who smoke etc), the gum disease itself is still caused by the same process in the mouth. The bacteria in our mouths stick to the teeth resulting in plaque which we can usually brush away; however, any plaque we don’t get rid of makes a harder material stuck to the teeth called tartar. The longer either plaque or tartar are on the teeth, the longer they have a chance to cause damage. The bacteria in the plaque lets out acidic bi-products that irritate the gums, and eventually cause cavities in our teeth. The gum irritation is called gingivitis, the very first stage of gum disease. At this stage gums are sore, and they may well bleed when you brush.

If this level of gum disease is not addressed, it can turn into periodontitis which is an advanced form of gum disease. At this stage the gums start to separate from the teeth and pockets are formed which are vulnerable to bacteria and easily get infections in them. These infected pockets get deeper and the soft tissues and bone that holds the teeth in place starts to get broken down until eventually everything in the area is destroyed.

At the very early stages of the disease, your Egham dentist will work with the hygienist to help you reverse the problem with an adapted oral health regime and a change in habits. However, if the disease is more advanced, we are lucky to have Dr Schiefung working with us who is able to help treat periodontal disease. If you have gum disease that is advanced in this way, all is not lost and this doesn’t mean you will lose your teeth, especially with somebody like Dr Schiefung who is able to work to stop the disease doing any more damage.

There are lots of different types of gum disease and Dr Schiefung will be able to examine you and perform diagnostics to see which type you have and the extent to which it is causing you problems. Once she has done this, she will ensure the best approach is taken to improve the condition by working with the dental hygienist and other team members to produce an action plan giving you the best possible care and chance of recovery.

Dr Schiefung has various areas of interest including:

●     Managing periodontitis

●     Non-surgical periodontitis treatments

●     Surgical periodontitis treatments

●     Periodontitis examination and diagnosis

The condition cannot be cured but it can be well managed at home once the right approach is taken. Managing the condition well means you can keep your smile, and you can try and avoid some of the risks associated with gum disease, such as heart disease.

If you would like to discuss gum disease treatment at Crown House Dental in more details, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help you.

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