Diabetes & Your Oral Health

Diabetes & Your Oral Health

Blood sugar issues and your teeth and gums.

Diabetes is a common condition, so common in fact, over 3.5 million people are said to suffer with it in the UK alone according to Diabetes.co.uk. By 2025 that figure is set to rise to over 5 million.

You might not know that gum disease and diabetes do have a link? Studies and research suggests that those with diabetes may be more prone to gum disease; so just like diabetes increases your risk of heart problems, strokes and kidney disease, it also increases your risk of gum disease too.

It Could Go Both ways

Certain studies suggest that gum disease and diabetes might be linked together either way. So someone with diabetes is more at risk of gum disease, and someone with gum disease at an advanced stage could find it contributes to the progression of diabetes.

Diabetes & Increased Risk Of Dental Issues

If you have diabetes and it is not being managed, you are more at risk of getting gum disease than somebody who does not have diabetes. Also, gum disease is an infection which can make diabetes harder to manage. Other oral issues associated with diabetes are:

●     Thrush – a fungal infection you can get in the mouth

●     Dry mouth – dry mouth can cause bad breath, soreness in the mouth and increase the risk of cavities and tooth decay

Preventing Diabetes Oral Health Issues

There are various ways you can prevent the oral health issues associated with diabetes. First and foremost you should get a diagnosis if you suspect you are diabetic. If you don’t get a management plan for diabetes the consequences could be very bad indeed. If you do get a diagnosis, it is so important you work with your GP to get the condition under control as if your blood glucose level is not controlled, more aspects of your health can suffer. You should also:

●     Let your Egham dentist know about your condition so that they can monitor your oral health in relation to your condition

●     Make checkups with your Egham dentist every six months

●     Avoid bad habits like smoking

●     Keep dentures clean

●     Follow the health plans and guidance set for you by your health care providers

Let Us Know About A Diabetes Diagnosis

If you have diabetes it is important you let us know. People with diabetes have specific health needs, and here at our Egham dental surgery, we are fully equipped to help you with those needs in relation to your oral health, as long as you keep us informed. Let us know about any new signs and symptoms you have with your mouth, and let us know about any medication you are taking. You may also need to defer some dental treatments if you know you aren’t in complete control of your blood sugar levels.

Book An Appointment With Crown House Dental, Egham

If you need to book an appointment to discuss recent changes in your oral health, you want to book a checkup, or you are looking to register with a new dentist, please call our friendly team on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help.

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