How Often Do You Need To Visit The Dentist?

How Often Do You Need To Visit The Dentist?

Frequency of dental visits – what is recommended?

A long time ago, dentistry really wasn’t much of a focus. Dentistry was around, but, there weren’t the advances in technology and treatment we have today; most dentists focused on fixing issues rather than preventing them, and nobody really knew how to look after their teeth, let alone how often they needed to go to the dentist.

Today, it is recommended that you visit the dentist twice a year and this is typically the number of visits deemed necessary to keep up to date with any new changes in your oral health. This isn’t based on any particularly strong evidence, but it is a good, regular visit basis that works for many people.

However, it is important to remember that it is always a good idea to plan the amount of times you visit the dentist around your own personal oral health, hygiene, habits and medical conditions.

Even if you are fantastic at looking after your oral health at home, it is still important you see your Egham dentist regularly. That is because your dentist is trained in spotting issues you might not be able to see, or that might not have presented symptoms to you. Many different dental problems, and medical issues that occur in or around the mouth, don’t show visible signs, symptoms or pain until they become advanced. Gum disease, tooth decay and oral cancer are good examples of this. Visiting your Egham dentist regularly ensures you are checked regularly for any oral issues, they are picked up nice and early and treated as early as possible, providing the opportunity for the best possible recovery outcome.

Mostly, visiting the dentist a couple of times every year works well; some people could see the dentist less but still maintain a twice yearly appointment for good measure. Some people however, might need to see the dentist more often, for example, patients who are at higher risk of dental issues could make appointments every 3 months or so. Patients with the following risks could benefit from visiting us more often:

–       Pregnant women

–       Patients with diabetes

–       Patients who smoke

–       Patients with alcoholism

–       Patients with diagnosed gum disease

–       Patients with a weakened immune system (through medical issues or medication)

–       People prone to plaque, acid attacks and decay

How often any person needs to see the dentist will change during their lifetime. When you become pregnant, when habits change, when medical conditions arise, when medication is taken – these are all times in our life when we may need to see the dentist more. There are also times when we need to see a dentist urgently, when accidents happen involving the teeth, or when sudden infections happen, you should always make an urgent appointment to see your dentist so they can treat you as quickly as possible.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Even though there are occasions when you may need to see us more regularly, by maintaining a healthy diet and excellent personal oral care, visiting twice a year will be the norm for most patients. Do you need to make an appointment? Please call us on 01784432641 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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