How Cold Weather Affects Your Teeth

How Cold Weather Affects Your Teeth

Sensitive winter teeth?

As the leaves fall from the trees, and the first mention of snow comes up on the weather predictions, we all get used to a drop in temperature.

The central heating is definitely on, and the winter coat is certainly in regular use. While you feel your body tense up from the cold, you might not know about how cold weather affects your teeth. Your teeth may well go through major changes or sensations during the winter months. Here’s how:

Extreme Temperatures Affect Your Teeth Too

Your teeth are strong and hard, but that doesn’t make them immune to the effects of extreme temperatures. As teeth are porous they can be prone to being sensitive when exposed to cold temperatures. Various different conditions or scenarios may present you with winter tooth pain, and it’s important to understand them so that you can avoid them or reduce their likelihood as much as possible.

Sensitive Teeth

When your gum line is checked at the dentist they will often find a point that seems to send a jolt through you. That reaction to an external stimulus can also be caused by cold air in winter. Hot and cold foods can cause sensitivity, but so can breathing in cold air. It actually causes your teeth to contract just a tiny amount, so when the air hits the gum line, it can cause pain or discomfort. The teeth then relax again when you close your mouth. This continual process can actually cause tiny cracks in the teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold food, and cold air.

Jaw Clenching

When we are cold, we clench our jaw. Repeatedly doing this can be problematic for both the jaw and the teeth, eventually causing problems like tooth erosion or jaw muscle pain. Although it feels normal to tense up the jaw and whole body when it is cold, it doesn’t actually help us to warm up that much. So if you can, wrap up warm, try to relax and avoid the extra stresses and strains in your jaw and teeth.

Avoiding Winter Tooth Pain

Avoiding winter tooth pain is achievable as long as you continue to:

●     Try and avoid breathing through your mouth outside in the cold

●     Come and see your Egham dentist if you find the sensitivity is too much to bear

●     Maintain your regular dental hygiene routine

●     Continue with your regular checkups at our Egham dentist so we can spot any issues that may cause sensitivity, early on and treat accordingly

Crown House Dental In Egham Can Help You Keep Smiling Over Winter

There are lots of reasons to smile in winter; Christmas, snow, seasonal drinks, cosy evenings and quality time with friends and family. To make sure you can keep smiling without worry of discomfort or pain, you can follow our tips, and please consider registering at our TW20 dentist if you aren’t already a patient. We provide our patients with a friendly, transparent service with dedicated staff, modern general and cosmetic dentistry and an all round high quality family friendly service.

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