Could The Boom In Coffee Shops Damage Your Smile?

Could The Boom In Coffee Shops Damage Your Smile?

Staining and sugar – take care!

According to media reports, 10 years ago there were less than 10,000 places to grab a coffee on the high street, whereas now there are over 22,000 and that number is growing quickly.

We’ve all become enamoured with that social aspect of coffee shops. Meeting friends for a good natter, or working from a laptop, going for a casual date, or taking yourself off for a hot drink and a break from shopping are all legitimate ways to spend a few hours of an afternoon now.

The only problem is, you’re not going to the coffee shop for a glass of water, or a herbal tea. Instead, we are drawn to the macchiatos, the lattes full of syrups, the frappuccinos topped with cream, the slushy iced tea cooler drinks.

These drinks sure do taste amazing, but they could also be hurting your teeth.


One issue with consuming a lot of tea or coffee is staining. The components of the coffee will stain the teeth long term, causing a cosmetic issue later down the line. This can be avoided by sucking your coffee through a straw, or avoiding tea and coffee most of the time. There are also cosmetic teeth whitening options at your Egham dentist if your teeth are already stained from coffee consumption and you need a professional treatment to have them removed, along with brightening your teeth a few shades.


One of the most alarming aspects of coffee from coffee shops on the high street is the sugar they contain. Various reports have suggested that the luxury drinks available can contain more sugar than a can of ‘full fat’ coca cola. With chocolate sauce, whipped cream and marshmallows, it isn’t hard to see how that much sugar can be contained in some of the drinks on offer. Unfortunately, some of the sugars inside the coffee is hidden. Some coffee shops might suggest that there are naturally occurring sugars in certain drinks, when in effect those sugars still mount up. Unfortunately excessive sugar consumption over time can lead to major health issues, including oral health issues like tooth decay.

How To Avoid Dental Issues From Coffee Shop Drinks

The best thing you can do is to avoid the most sugary drinks apart from every now and then. Instead opt for herbal teas, americanos, sugar free syrups, or lattes or cappuccinos without any of the added sugary syrups. Try to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the reason you’re there – for a break or a social catch up. The sugary drinks don’t make the experience if you don’t make the experience about the sugary drinks!

Keep On Top Of Your Dental Health

If drinking a lot of sugar has damaged your teeth, your Egham dentist can spot any damage and act quickly to treat it and advise you what to do next. It may be you haven’t realised how much sugar you have been consuming and how it has affected your teeth. Regular dental checkups can ensure that any issues with the teeth caused by your diet are quickly picked up and action can then be taken to provide you with advice on changing those habits, and to ensure the issue doesn’t get any worse. Pleas call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to book you an appointment.

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