Hygienist Services At Crown House Dental in Egham

Hygienist Services At Crown House Dental in Egham

Great dental hygiene for healthier teeth and gums.

Many people don’t realise that hygienists have their own set of skills and training and are able to operate independently to a dentist. However, they work in a practice alongside dentists and other members of the team to provide a complete service to you, our valued patients.

Dental hygienist services are available at your Egham dentist alongside general dentistry treatments and services, and cosmetic dentistry. Hygienists have special training to enable to have a focus on preventing gum disease and oral health issues and this all helps you maintain a happy smile together with a great oral health routine.

A hygienist will also offer services such as teeth cleaning where they get rid of buildups of plaque and tartar that could lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Why Dental Hygienists Are So Important

Many people don’t realise that dental hygienists are extremely important. Their advice and guidance helps to ensure you avoid oral issues that can be prevented with just a little care and diligence. One such issue is gum disease. This is a leading cause of tooth loss and dental hygienists offer lots of important advice and treatments to help you avoid getting gum disease in the first place. This service is so important because it means patients avoid having to go through the symptoms and complications which can also have further effects on the overall health of the body.

The Extra Skills Of A Hygienist

Some hygienists/therapists may also assist in helping to take x-rays of the mouth which allows the dentist to check the health of areas of the mouth they cannot see. Your Egham hygienist may also be able to help with things like applying fluoride treatments and fissure treatments as well as other straightforward treatments.

When To See A Hygienist

Your hygienist session may be part of your regular checkups and treatments here at Crown House Dental, and you may receive advice and treatment from them during your visit with us. You can also have a separate dental hygienist appointment which is what a lot of patients choose to do to compliment their oral care. So for example, they will have six monthly checkups with the dentist to check there are no major issues or problems with their oral health, and then have appointments in between with the hygienist to check on any ongoing issues like gum disease, to adjust oral health regimes accordingly, and for a general scale and polish.

Make An Appointment To See Your Egham Hygienist Today

Your hygienist is an important part of helping you maintain the best possible oral health regime, avoiding nasty symptoms and issues that are preventable. Our hygienists are able to help you with your tooth cleaning method, help you avoid gum disease, help you understand how to check gum health, help treat gum disease, professionally clean your teeth, apply fluoride to the teeth if necessary, take x-rays if necessary and even whiten your teeth if prescribed by the dentist. A whole lot of important jobs!

If you would like to make an appointment to see your local hygienist at your Egham dentist, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be pleased to make you an appointment.

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