Smiling With Confidence At Your Christmas Party

Smiling With Confidence At Your Christmas Party

Look your best as the season’s festivities begin.

The festive season is a fun time for most, with lots of parties and social events bringing everyone together. However, the festive season can be torturous for those who struggle with confidence at social events. Whether it’s your smile, or your inner-confidence causing you to feel like you would rather hide at home than attend a Christmas party, the easy tips in this article should help you.

Tackling The Issue From Inside Out!

It doesn’t matter what dress you wear, how great your smile is, how perfect your makeup is – if you’re struggling with confidence then every social event is going to be tricky. Follow these tips to help you go from wallflower to party queen:

●     Arrive before it gets extremely busy – this will help you avoid the natural stares that happen when you arrive at any party (we naturally and subconsciously check out who is around us).

●     Arrive with other people – if you’re not drinking, why not offer a lift to people attending, or see if you can tag along with others you know are going, this takes the attention away from you.

●     Practice calming breathing well before the event. Equal breathing in for five and out for five slowly helps us calm down and feel more anxious than we need to.

●     Dress in a way that makes you feel great – whether it’s a dress, good underwear or killer heels – whatever makes you feel great, wear it.

●     Be social – it might seem like the worst thing ever, to talk to people, but people will be more receptive than you think. Introduce yourself, compliment them and smile.

Is Something Else Causing You To Lack Confidence?

Sometimes inner confidence can let us down and cause us to avoid social events. However, sometimes an aesthetic issue can be the cause of our social avoidance. Here at Crown House Dental in Egham we see many patients who come to us covering their mouth in embarrassment of their smile. A chipped tooth, stained teeth, missing teeth – a wide variety of issues can cause a person to feel ashamed and embarrassed by their smile. Luckily, if you are self conscious of how your teeth look, there’s a lot you can do about it, starting first with a visit to our Egham dental clinic.

Visit Your Egham Dentist – Our team is skilled and highly qualified to help you restore your smile. The first step is visiting us, then and only then will you know that there are many options available to help you. Our first priority will be your oral health, which naturally comes first before aesthetics. Issues like gum disease need to be treated in order to prevent them causing any further damage. We can then look at the many cosmetic dentistry options available to you, such as tooth whitening, crowns, veneers or even a total smile makeover which incorporates different cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Of course we cannot say what will be right for you, and we cannot offer you any treatment plans until you have a consultation with us; so the first step is paying us a visit. If the way your smile looks is causing you great distress, why not make this year the last year you avoid a Christmas party because of your smile? Please call us on 01784432641 to book an appointment that could lead to the best decision you ever make about your personal appearance.

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