Asking Santa For An Electric Toothbrush?

Asking Santa For An Electric Toothbrush?

Remember These 5 Things…

Your smile or rather, your teeth and gums, help you express yourself, talk, eat and maintain your facial structure. To support this, an electric toothbrush is a great gift because it keeps on helping you all year long to maintain your smile so that is looks beautiful and feels healthy every day.

So if you have asked (or plan to ask) for an electric toothbrush, first off, here is a high five from your Egham dentist for asking for such a useful gift! In today’s blog we’re going to help you understand the 5 key things to consider about electric toothbrushes so you’re completely in the know about the best one to ask for:

There Are Lots Of Different Types So If In Doubt, Go Mid-Range.

1. There are several different types of electric toothbrushes. The main types are:

  • Rotating
  • Sonic
  • Pulsating
  • Oscillating
  • Counter-rotating
  • Dual Head

Although it is personal preference as to which type of toothbrush you would prefer, most people opt for oscillating types which spin around the tooth in different directions. This type of toothbrush will do a good job at cleaning the teeth if used correctly, and you can get these them at a good price.

2. The Battery Matters

Rather than spending extra money on extra features, you’re best off spending the money on a rechargeable battery. Disposable battery types are more expensive to run, and they can be unreliable. With rechargeable batteries you can have more control over the power your electric toothbrush has. Opt for the types where you can top the battery power up rather than the types where you have to wait for the device to completely drain before charging.

3. Check The Price Of Replacement Heads

You will have to replace the head once the bristles have worn down. Try and think about the cost of the replacement heads before you select your perfect electric toothbrush model. Usually different brands will have a wide range of replacement heads with various features for better brushing.

4. Consider Extra Features Carefully

There are ‘bells and whistles’ for more expensive electric toothbrushes. Whether or not they appeal to you is a personal thing. A brushing timer for one person might be pointless, but for someone who doesn’t spend enough time brushing their teeth it is really helpful. Sensors on the toothbrush that indicate when you’re pressing too hard are useful for most people to avoid hurting the gums. In all cases avoid paying extra for features you won’t use.

5. Get A Gift Receipt!

If you’re treating yourself to an electric toothbrush then you don’t need to worry about a gift receipt. But if you are buying for somebody else, or you’re asking for an electric toothbrush make sure a gift receipt comes with the gift. A person should be entirely comfortable using an electric toothbrush to encourage daily brushing, but if they want to change it for a different model, a gift receipt ensures that they can.

Get Further Advice From Your Egham Dentist

If you’re unsure which electric toothbrush model is the best for you, or the best to buy for somebody else, please ask your dentist at your next appointment. It may be that your specific tooth and gum condition calls for a specific type of electric toothbrush. Please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help you.

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