What To Do When You Have A Chipped Tooth?

What To Do When You Have A Chipped Tooth?

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Chipping a tooth is certainly an aesthetic nightmare if it happens to one of the ‘social six’ front teeth, and it can also sometimes be painful to boot. Luckily it is usually quite easy to repair a chipped tooth here at your local Egham dentist.

We have a number of different options to consider, depending on the type of chip and the extent of damage which has been done. If you do chip a tooth it is really important that you schedule in to see us at our TW20 clinic, so we can evaluate the tooth.

If the pulp in the middle of the tooth has been exposed, this could  result in sensitivity and constant discomfort or even pain. Worse still, the pulp could be open to infection which would then require more invasive corrective work.

Here are just some of the options for fixing a chipped tooth:


Bonding is the quickest, most cost effective way to repair a chip in the tooth. Usually we recreate the missing piece of tooth out of a composite filling material which will then be shaped to match the rest of the tooth. We may have to prepare the existing tooth a little for this.


You don’t have to have a full set of veneers applied, you can just have one to fix the chipped tooth. So a thin ‘slice’ of porcelain or ceramic will be custom-made to fit on the front of the chipped tooth. We may need to prepare the tooth underneath to apply the veneer.


A crown could be an excellent option if most of the tooth has gone. It completely covers the part of the tooth you can see above the gum line and will match the original tooth. It can be made of ceramic or porcelain and made to be the same colour as your other teeth. Some of the original tooth will likely need to be shaped to fit the crown.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure

We have lots of ways to help you at our local Egham dental clinic if you do chip a tooth, but your dentist would much rather you didn’t have to go through that at all. There are plenty of steps you can take to avoid chipping your teeth in the first place:

●     Avoid using your teeth for things they weren’t designed for like opening things, cracking things and chewing things that aren’t food

●     Wearing a guard during sports (these can be bought or specially designed by us)

●     Avoid grinding or clenching your teeth (if you grind your teeth at night we can help you avoid this)

●     Avoid crunching, chewing or grinding food that is extremely hard

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If you want to enquire about restoring a chipped tooth, or to discuss any of our other general or cosmetic treatments, please call us on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help.

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