Cfast Discreet Teeth Straightening

Cfast cosmetic tooth alignment in Egham

Many people feel the same way, old fashioned orthodontic (tooth straightening) treatments seemed to take a long time and the braces themselves are very obtrusive.


Over the past few years, though, there has been an introduction to more simple tooth straightening treatments for adults known as Cosmetic Adult Orthodontics.


Special tooth coloured brackets and wires have been developed that mean the braces are almost invisible.


The treatments have also been developed to reduce the time taken. Most treatments with these systems will take five to nine months on average. This time has been drastically reduced because we do not try and alter the position of your back teeth. We are only changing the appearance of the “Social Six” the teeth you see at the front of your mouth in your smile.


Mr Sami is trained to use the CFast system that is one of the Cosmetic Adult Orthodontic or Short Term Orthodontic treatment packages available.


Many people combine these teeth straightening treatments with tooth whitening and even some contouring of teeth to get great aesthetic results. These treatments are really revolutionary. In days gone by, to achieve similar results, teeth would need to be crowned to change their shape. We know now that the more we destroy tooth tissue the shorter the lifespan of the tooth so we always encourage and would prefer these more minimally invasive types of dental treatment.


For more information please visit the Cfast website

teeth straighteing in egham
egham teeth straightening

Art treatment

We can also utilise clear aligner trays to reposition your front teeth again using the CFast ART system


Dental impressions are taken of your teeth and then trays are constructed in a laboratory. The trays are changed every two weeks and you need to wear your trays for as much time as possible during each day. The advantage of this system is that you can take the trays out at meal times or for special occasions. Treatment times tend to vary depending on how much your teeth need straightening and can vary from a few months up to a year.


These treatments are available at Crown House Dental Practice in Egham with Mr Sami who would be delighted to see you for an assessment and discuss the possibilities of straighter, whiter teeth.


For more information please visit ART Anterior Repositioning Trays web page (offsite link opens in a new window)

Book an appointment at Crown House Dental Practice by calling 01784 432 641

Book an appointment at Crown House Dental Practice by calling
01784 432 641