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As a child, it is quite normal to have braces, and it is almost a 'right of passage' for a child moving into adolescence. But what happens when you don't have braces as a child, and so you're left with issues like overcrowding, gaps, wonky teeth and more? Perhaps you lack confidence because of these issues, or perhaps you want an even nicer smile than you have now but you think unsightly braces are the only way to fix the problem? So should you have braces? Are the only options traditional braces? Could you face social situations and work whilst wearing traditional braces? Here at your popular Egham dentist, we have plenty of solutions for adult orthodontics. Of course you can have traditional braces if you need them, and want them. For some people, traditional metal braces as an adult are a really cool thing to have; indeed various celebrities have sported them, and some people think they look very fashionable. However, not all adults see traditional braces as an option. Some people hate the idea of having treatment that can affect how they speak, or how they eat. The actual look of braces is not something that some adults feel would suit them, or their lifestyle. They are quite an adjustment to make and you have them for potentially over a year; so it is a big decision to commit to that, along with having them adjusted and working around food and talking during that time. But if you don't feel traditional braces are for you, there are other options available! Adult Braces

Modern orthodontics - your options at a local Surrey dentist.

In today's society we are all constantly exposed to perfect images of models, actors, social media stars, and other people just like us, all smiling perfect smiles, with perfect teeth and lips. Although some people are blessed with perfect smiles, or their dental care from a young age has cultured a strong and healthy smile, many things can contribute to any one of us not having one we are happy with. It might be that staining, injury, bad habits like smoking, untreated gum disease or other factors have caused our teeth and smile to be less than perfect. It might also be that genes have caused yellowing teeth, crooked teeth, or a particularly 'gummy' appearance. Our own confidence and opinion of our smile is a very personal thing, but the good news is that there are lots of treatments that can help correct aesthetic dental issues that may cause us to be dissatisfied. One of the most common issues with the aesthetics of the teeth, is crookedness or overcrowding. Here at Crown House Dental in Egham we offer the latest in adult and teenage teeth straightening to help correct this problem. Modern Teeth Straightening At Your Egham Dentist

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Orthodontics is a part of dentistry focused on aesthetics, jaw and teeth placement and it continues to be more and more popular every single year. Previously children and teenagers were the main patients for this type of dentistry, but with modern cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic solutions, adults are now reaping the benefits of this fantastic range of treatments. Orthodontics is all about creating a great harmony between your mouth and jaws. Once your bite is good, you can be more comfortable, eat more comfortably, look after your gums and teeth better, and of course, smile much brighter. At our Egham dentist we will refer you to an orthodontist if that is required, or it may be that one of our resident dentists can help - it depends on your needs. Often a dentist may have additional training enabling them to treat you but more complex cases may require the services of a specialist dentist. Either way, we can help you. The Benefits There are so many benefits to orthodontic work, it really is no wonder so many people are choosing treatments within this particular branch of dentistry. Just some of the benefits are: ●     Closing unwanted spaces in the mouth ●     Aligning arches ●     Correcting the bite ●     Enhancing aesthetics ●     Accommodating teeth that need space ●     Preparing the mouth for further dental work A more recent benefit is the fact that adult orthodontics are so advanced now. We use Cfast and ART anterior repositioning trays, two advanced systems that provide an almost invisible way to correct common orthodontic issues with teeth. Adults don't need to choose between suffering with aesthetic issues, and wearing a visible brace any more - modern dentistry understands that modern adults need a more gentle, less obvious type of treatment. Here are just some of the reasons people seek orthodontic work:

Why modern braces are a much less daunting prospect than traditional versions.

Braces used to be a terrifying prospect for children, especially with children elaborating fabricated stories about how they could go wrong and how much they hurt to wear. Luckily, over recent years, braces have actually become quite trendy, and believe it or not, some children are actively requesting them even when they don't need them! Of course, we would never recommend a child has braces unless it is medically necessary, but if they do need them, a positive attitude is fantastic and we love it when children leave us smiling after a fitting. However, no matter how trendy they are, and how well our Egham dental staff have explained the procedure, some children can feel hesitant and worried about their brace fitting. This is normal, and often comes from a simple fear of the unknown. If a child is worried about a brace fitting we recommend they visit our local Egham dental clinic and simply talk to our staff about their worries, before they are due to get their braces fitted. We are a family friendly dentist and we have lots of ways to make them feel comfortable and confident in their dental care. Alternatively, or as well as, we thought a few Q&A's about the actual fitting might also be useful if you have a child getting their braces soon: How long will the fitting take? This does depend on each individual child, but we would always allow between one and two hours. What Happens During The Procedure? Your teeth with be thoroughly cleaned and dried before a bonding glue is applied to your teeth. The dental brackets are then attached and all you will experience at this point is a slightly unpleasant taste. After this is done, the arch-wire is applied and the secured using elastic. This procedure may vary depending on the patient's needs, individual circumstances and the type of braces which are being used. Is It Painful?

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Here at our Egham dentist we provide a wide range of professional services including both general and cosmetic dentistry. One area of our expertise that falls into both categories is adult teeth straightening. Not so long ago, adults who had been putting off having their teeth straightened only had one choice - old fashioned braces which tend to take a long time and have quite an adverse aesthetic effect on the person wearing them. For this reason, many adults put off transforming their teeth. However, in recent years, simplified, gentle teeth straightening has become available in the form of cosmetic adult orthodontics. Special product design has meant the materials used to straighten the teeth are nearly invisible. The treatments are also faster than traditional options, generally taking between 5-9 months. CFast Our Egham dentist uses the CFast system for adult teeth straightening. It is a minimally invasive treatment that realigns the top and bottom front 6 teeth. It does this using 'invisible' brackets and tooth coloured wires and tends to be faster than the alternative clear aligner systems. A lot of our patients also choose to combine CFast with other treatments like teeth contouring and teeth whitening to ensure a complete smile transformation. All of these treatments are minimally invasive and not only help restore the teeth back to looking and feeling how they should, but they also restore a person's confidence as well. This really is a pleasure to see. CFast ART System