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The New Year doesn't have to bring dramatic transformations. You might already have plenty about your life that you love and are content with. There is, however, always room for better health habits. Your oral health can always be improved, because your eating habits, hygiene habits, personal habits and body are always changing through ageing, pregnancy, sports and lots of other life events. A great start to better oral hygiene in 2018 is to pay a visit to your Egham dentist. Unfortunately, many people don't visit the hygienist as often as they should, but it is never too late to start visiting and forming better habits. What To Expect When You Visit When you go to visit your Egham dentist for a hygienist visit you'll begin your appointment with a medical history check. Your dental hygienist will want to know about things such as medication you take, any medical conditions you have, and any issues you have with your teeth or gums. Following a medical history check they will want to know about how many times a day you brush your teeth, when you brush them, what type of toothbrush and toothpaste you use and if you use additional cleaning tools like mouthwash and floss. They will also want to know about your diet, and about any habits you may have that affect your teeth, like smoking.

Great dental hygiene for healthier teeth and gums.

Many people don't realise that hygienists have their own set of skills and training and are able to operate independently to a dentist. However, they work in a practice alongside dentists and other members of the team to provide a complete service to you, our valued patients. Dental hygienist services are available at your Egham dentist alongside general dentistry treatments and services, and cosmetic dentistry. Hygienists have special training to enable to have a focus on preventing gum disease and oral health issues and this all helps you maintain a happy smile together with a great oral health routine. A hygienist will also offer services such as teeth cleaning where they get rid of buildups of plaque and tartar that could lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Why Dental Hygienists Are So Important Many people don't realise that dental hygienists are extremely important. Their advice and guidance helps to ensure you avoid oral issues that can be prevented with just a little care and diligence. One such issue is gum disease. This is a leading cause of tooth loss and dental hygienists offer lots of important advice and treatments to help you avoid getting gum disease in the first place. This service is so important because it means patients avoid having to go through the symptoms and complications which can also have further effects on the overall health of the body. The Extra Skills Of A Hygienist

Regular check-ups and prevention of gum disease.

At our Egham dental clinic we are passionate about preventing dental disease. Gum disease remains the leading cause of tooth loss in the UK, so there's still a lot of work to do when it comes to working with patients to help them not only manage gum disease if they have it, but avoid and prevent it where possible, with maintenance and education. Preventing gum disease is extremely important because it has been linked to lots of other health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. This means that when we help you avoid or manage gum disease, we help you with your overall health as well as your dental health. Visiting The Hygienist Tooth decay and gum disease can often be found together. Decay can be prevented with excellent dental hygiene habits alongside preventative measures like fluoride toothpaste, fluoride applications and fissure sealants. With gum disease prevention, our hygienist at our Egham clinic is a leading source of knowledge and experience. She is able to: ●     Give you advice and guidance on how to clean your teeth - there isn't one method that fits all when it comes to brushing and it is important to know the method that works best for your teeth ●     Give you advice and information about gum disease, talking you through how best to prevent it ●     Give you advice and guidance on how to avoid look after your gums properly in a way that is convenient and manageable for your lifestyle ●     Provide a scale and polish removing any hardened plaque ●     Give you a fluoride application and other treatments that might be needed ●     Apply fissure sealants ●     Perform some diagnostics like X Rays How Is The Hygienist Different From The Dentist?

Avoiding gum disease and decay.

When you come to visit our Egham dental practice, you might well be coming in for one of our most common dental appointments - a hygienist checkup. At Crown House Dental, most of our clinical staff are trained to provide hygiene treatments which we might complete as part of your general checkup. We also pleased to have Assia Ibn Chakroune working at our practice, who is a qualified dental hygienist and therapist and who focuses on helping patients refine their oral care plan in between visits. When visiting our Surrey dentist you will find we take enormous pride in the way we work, ensuring our patients have as much information as possible enabling them to feel completely in control of their dental care. As we love providing you with lots of useful information, we thought you might like to get a better understanding of the hygienist services we offer, and also know what to expect when you visit our Egham clinic for a hygienist appointment. Some people don't fully understand this very important job role and perhaps struggle to understand the difference between dental hygienist services and other mainstream general dentistry treatments. By understanding what a hygienist offers and what dental therapy is, you will be able to fully utilise and make the most of these services at our local practice.

So, What Exactly Is A Dental Hygienist?