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Custom Dental Mouth Guards in Egham.

The World Cup continues to keep even the most unlikely football fan enthusiastic about the beautiful game this year. Your Egham Dentist is here to help you maintain your beautiful smile so that if the big wins keep coming, you'll have a healthy and happy smile ready for the victory! The tournament, along with the exceptional weather we are being treated to this summer, is encouraging many of us to venture outside and take part in sport, whether that is football, tennis, rugby or even something solo like cycling or running. This is a great thing for our oral and dental health, but it does come with its risks. Dental Injury Through Sport All sports, but especially contact sports, come with a risk of dental injury. The injuries can range from sharp knocks cracking a tooth, to extensive soft tissue and jaw injuries. These types of injuries can have a long-lasting effect, causing lots of pain and the need for costly, extensive dental treatment long-term, long after the World Cup has finished. Nobody wants their summer selfie to be with an ice pack on their cheek, or tainted by dental pain that could have been avoided with a simple, dental device. Custom Dental Guards For Effective Tooth And Gum Protection During Sports

Why they matter....

Here at your local Egham dentist we offer a wide range of services including modern cosmetic dentistry and most general dentistry treatments. One of the main services we offer is a 'checkup'. This is where you come into our friendly clinic and your experienced Egham dentist will examine your mouth, teeth and gums and then discuss your current oral health and how they would recommend improving it. This might be with treatment, and/or a change in personal oral hygiene habits. Your dentist also checks for signs of oral cancer, and other symptoms that may indicate other health issues away from the mouth. Despite checkups being quick, easy and so important, a lot of people don't regularly visit the dentist. This can be for a wide variety of reasons including:
  • Having a busy life and not finding time to come
  • Worrying about a dental pain but having dental anxiety
  • Not registering with a new dentist when moving house
  • Fear of the costs
  • Forgetting to make the appointment
All of these problems can be rectified with solutions such as:

Alternatives to amalgam fillings at your Egham dentist.

When you visit the dentist and need fillings you will usually be offered two different choices, amalgam (silver coloured fillings), or white fillings. The cheapest option are silver fillings, however, many people do prefer a more natural look in the way of white fillings. This is because silver fillings can show when you laugh or smile, and whilst some people simply don't like that look, other people have no issue with it at all. Here at your local Egham dentist, we offer both white and silver fillings. Patients who might consider white fillings will usually do so for aesthetic reasons; however some people do have health concerns regarding the mercury component used in amalgam and so select them for that reason. We must state at this point that the various governing medical bodies in the UK suggest that amalgam fillings are safe and that they are still in very wide use. Are White Fillings More Expensive Than Amalgam Fillings? White fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings but there is no set price, it depends on the dentist and the work that needs completing. Your Egham dentist will be able to give you a price for any work that needs completing. Are White Fillings As Effective As Silver Fillings?

Do it now to avoid bigger problems later....

One of the most common treatments at our Egham dentists is fillings. They can be done very quickly, painlessly and serve a very important purpose. However, some people do avoid having them done, even when they have been recommended by the dentist. This is a really bad idea and we wanted to explain why in our latest blog. You may think that dentists act in a preventative way with everything we do - and that is absolutely correct, we are always striving to prevent bad things happening to your teeth. However, when we perform a filling it serves as both preventative measure against future issues, and as a treatment. If we don't think you need a filling but you might in the future, we will advise that the tooth in question is observed for now, so we can treat if necessary later; but also avoid the tooth being treated if possible as well. However, if a tooth already has a cavity, unfortunately that is permanent and hence why you need a filling. So we would only ever suggest you need a filling if you do actually need one. How Cavities Form When a tooth decays gradually over time, bacteria thrive which causes further decay. Decay and the degrading of teeth is prevented by an effective oral health regime which involves flossing and brushing twice a day. However, we must also avoid sugary food and drink, highly acidic and starchy foods in order to keep our mouth healthy. Food and drink like this 'works' with any residual plaque to increase the negative effect of nasty bacteria which in turn release acids which harm the teeth. The acid will break down tooth enamel and eventually cause a permanent cavity. The Consequences Of Avoiding A Filling

Here are some tooth facts you probably don't know!

Here at our Egham dentist, we are genuinely passionate about teeth. Having studied them for years, you get to really appreciate how incredible they are, and the amazing things they can do. When you think about the pleasure you get from biting into a crunchy piece of food, from smiling at someone who you think is amazing, or even from just chewing your food - you start to realise how important your teeth really are. More often than not we do take our teeth for granted, until we experience issues with them or lose them, realising how much they really do matter. With good oral hygiene, good habits and regular visits to our dentist in TW20, you shouldn't have to know how it feels to lose your teeth, but with these 5 awesome facts about teeth you are sure to appreciate them that bit more by the end of this article!

1. Whitening Wasn't Enough For The Mayans

In modern times, we love getting our teeth whitened and straightened in the quest for the perfect celebrity smile. However, the Mayans went a bit further, opting for a true set of sparklers. Bejeweled teeth were common for the Mayans, and they used their version of what would now be a dentist's drill to create holes in which a jewel would then be inserted. Because of the different evidence showing the Mayans extensive interaction and awareness of their teeth, it is thought that they were actually skilled dentists of their time.

2. Sharing Is Caring

6% of the population would share their toothbrush with a celebrity. 7% with a friend, 18% with our child and 24% with our partner. The other 45% of us simply don't share! We don't recommend it!

3. Toothache Pain Relief Used To Be Terrifying