Family dentist

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Caring for an elderly relative is something most people will do at some point in their lifetime. It involves a lot of time, patience, and sometimes physical and emotional endurance as well. There is a lot to caring for an elderly relative, and oral care forms an important part of that. No matter what age a person is, it is important to ensure their teeth and mouth are in good health. Good dental hygiene is always important. If you are caring for an elderly relative, there are lots of aspects of their oral health you will need to consider. Here are some considerations to make when it comes to your elderly relative's oral care: GP & Dentist Support It is so important that you ensure you are getting support from your relative's GP and dentist. Regular visits to both will ensure that any potential issues are spotted early on, and treated. Your GP can help with things like changing medication if it is causing dry mouth, or investigating potential oral health symptoms that indicate health issues elsewhere in the body. Your Egham dentist will be able to check oral health, ensure teeth and gums are healthy, manage dentures and also check for potential oral health issues as well. Your dentist, in conjunction with a GP, can also help with solutions to unavoidable health issues or medication that could be causing symptoms like dry mouth. Tooth Decay A person prone to tooth decay or at risk of tooth decay may be able to use high fluoride toothpaste prescribed by the dentist. There are also fluoride treatments available for those who need it. Gum Disease