Dental Implants

Your Egham dentist wants you to know about the latest in denture innovation!

Standard dentures are much better than ever, but they only go so far into ensuring your smile is as secure and natural as it can be. With standard dentures you can have a more beautiful smile, better confidence, eating ability, speech, facial structure and better long term oral condition than if you didn't do anything about missing teeth. Indeed, leaving missing teeth alone is never recommended and having dentures made at Egham dental is a great way to restore your smile. However, dentures are not without their faults. Even with the amazing denture-making team at your Egham dentist creating bespoke dentures than fit incredibly well, dentures can cause a patient problems that are beyond the parameters of this treatment. Those problems though can be fixed by a new, innovative, modern treatment known as "implant retained dentures". Implant retained dentures look, feel and function in a very natural way. No need for messy glue or covering your mouth in case your dentures pop out. With this incredible new treatment your smile can be functional and beautiful again. Your smile can be secure for the first time in a long time, giving you back your confidence. What's Wrong With Standard Dentures?

A closer look at modern tooth replacement in Egham.

A lot of patients in Egham come to us for effective, professional solutions to replace their missing teeth. We help lots of people every year to replace their missing teeth with the most appropriate restoration option for them. At the moment, there are four main options for tooth loss which are, to leave the gap as it is, to replace the gap with dental implants, to place a dental bridge or to have dentures fitted. The most worrying option from a dentists perspective, is when a patient opts to leave a missing tooth gap empty. This is because it can cause a number of issues. For example, the bone underneath the tooth that has gone is absorbed back into the body which pulls the gums around it down, causing the teeth to look longer. Adjacent teeth can also move and become misaligned. Aside from the dental aesthetics being an issue for some, it also creates future issues if you do want a dental implant later on. Implants need bone to be placed into and if the bone near the gap has degraded, a bone graft will likely be required. Other issues that can occur when a missing tooth is left are:
  • The other teeth move and fall into the gap
  • The teeth facing the gap from above or below may sink into the space and your bite may be affected
  • The gap can be prone to infections or soreness
  • The shape of your face, your speech or eating may be affected
In most instances, we would advise patients to consider their options for replacing missing teeth rather than leaving gaps, because it will likely mean less problems in future. The Options For Replacing Missing Teeth

The latest options for replacing missing teeth.

Here at Crown House Dental, we want you to have confidence in your smile. For this reason, we use some of the most modern dental treatments in-house; available for you, our valued patients. One of the most revolutionary procedures we offer is the dental implant and at our Egham dentist, we are lucky to have implant surgeon Dr Raj Joshi who has a special interest in this particular field. What Is A Dental Implant & How Does It Work? Before we list the benefits of this special treatment, you may want to know exactly what a dental implant is and how it works. A dental implant is a device that is like a screw, made from high-grade titanium. It is implanted underneath your gum, to enable it to fuse to the bone. The correct terminology for this process is 'osseointegration'. This process can take up to three months to achieve and may take longer where preparation processes are required for patients who may need bone grafts to support the structure. Once this process has finished, the implant can support a crown, or a bridge if it is linked to another implant. We provide a wide range of implant solutions depending on the patient and their particular needs. Most patients are suitable for the process, but not all, so a detailed consultation and examination is required initially. The Benefits Of A Dental Implant

What you may not realise if you've lost a tooth.

Here at your local Egham dentist we have a wide variety of modern general and cosmetic dentistry treatments that enables us to improve the speech, health, comfort and aesthetics of patients with missing teeth. Many people are affected by this issue but don't necessarily choose to seek treatment. This can be for a variety of reasons including: fear of the dentist, a lack of information about modern treatments, or a worry the results will not look or feel natural. Some people also simply believe tooth loss will not cause any issues. The problem is, tooth loss has a lot of consequences many people aren't aware of. Generally the more teeth that are lost, and the longer the gaps remain, the more issues that can arise. The Effects Of Tooth Loss You Might Not Know About The most obvious effect is of course aesthetics. Those with missing teeth might feel socially conscious, and under-confident about smiling. As well as the way it looks, a missing tooth (or teeth) will also affect many other things in the mouth. Your bone is what is most affected, because it requires stimulation from tooth to maintain its shape and density. When a tooth is gone, the bone that supports the teeth loses volume. This not only affects the way the face looks, but it can affect chewing abilities, and speech. The more teeth you lose, the bigger the problem gets. Surrounding teeth can also be more prone to issues because they have no supporting teeth. The sockets where the teeth sat can also be problematic as they become reservoirs for bacteria. Solutions

Natural, strong, missing tooth replacement.

At our Egham dental practice we are proud to have Dr Raj Joshi leading our dental implants team. Dental implants are an extremely advanced aspect of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and they have absolutely phenomenal scope in terms of how they can be used, and also how they can be useful to the patient. So What Is A Dental Implant? If you're still unfamiliar with dental implants, they are used as a replacement tooth root. They look like a screw and are placed under your gums in order to fuse with the jawbone and surrounding tissues. For patients with bone or gum loss issues, there are grafting solutions which can be performed before the implant is placed. Once the implants have successfully fused (this takes a few months), we can add the permanent replacement teeth ('crowns') or bridges which attach to the implants. What Can Dental Implants Do? Dental implants have massive scope when it comes to all their uses. We can use them to support just one crown, or a bridge (with more than one implant), or even a complete set of dentures. Why Have Dental Implants?