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Staining and sugar - take care!

According to media reports, 10 years ago there were less than 10,000 places to grab a coffee on the high street, whereas now there are over 22,000 and that number is growing quickly. We've all become enamoured with that social aspect of coffee shops. Meeting friends for a good natter, or working from a laptop, going for a casual date, or taking yourself off for a hot drink and a break from shopping are all legitimate ways to spend a few hours of an afternoon now. The only problem is, you're not going to the coffee shop for a glass of water, or a herbal tea. Instead, we are drawn to the macchiatos, the lattes full of syrups, the frappuccinos topped with cream, the slushy iced tea cooler drinks. These drinks sure do taste amazing, but they could also be hurting your teeth. Staining One issue with consuming a lot of tea or coffee is staining. The components of the coffee will stain the teeth long term, causing a cosmetic issue later down the line. This can be avoided by sucking your coffee through a straw, or avoiding tea and coffee most of the time. There are also cosmetic teeth whitening options at your Egham dentist if your teeth are already stained from coffee consumption and you need a professional treatment to have them removed, along with brightening your teeth a few shades. Sugar

8 Tips From Crown House Dental In Egham

Valentine's Day is a day for love to be celebrated. Maybe you're spending it with friends or family, maybe you're going on a first date, or you're just starting to think about love? Whatever your Valentine's Day looks like, there's never a bad reason to give yourself a sensational smile, especially if you do have someone you're trying to impress. Here are your Egham Dentists top 8 tips for a sensational smile this Valentines Day: 1. Pop That Pout! A perfect bow shaped pout is very attractive and easy to achieve using lip liner. Follow a good Youtube tutorial and practice before your date so you don't turn up looking like the children have been doodling on your face! Endearing but perhaps not the seductive goddess look you were going for. 2. Max Your Lips With Matte Neutral Despite it seeming like a bright colour is the only option to enhance the size of your lips, a neutral colour can actually make them look bigger. Opt for matte so you can go just around the natural line of your lips and create that gorgeous Kylie Jenner inspired look. 3. Use SPF Skin is skin, including skin on your lips; it is all vulnerable to skin cancer. Opt to use an SPF lip balm or moisturiser every day to keep your lips from falling prey to skin cancer, particularly if you are in sunny climes. 4. Exfoliate Your Lips Your lips can become dry in winter because of cold weather and dry central heating. This is especially true if you work in an office. Use an old, soft toothbrush or damp cloth to gently brush the old skin away leaving soft, lovely lips. 5. Moisturise The Lips Daily

Get on top of sensitive teeth at Crown House Dental, Egham

For some people, freezing weather is exciting because it means cosy winter walks, stunning frost dusted scenery and maybe even sledging if the snow falls. For some of us though, it can only mean one thing - tooth pain. The misery of breathing through your mouth outside in winter and feeling that familiar twinge of agony shooting through the teeth into the gums. Ouch! If your teeth are feeling the chill this winter, you're not alone. Many people suffer from sensitive teeth and often, the problem can come to light, or become exacerbated during the colder season. Breathing in chilly air can be just as painful as drinking an iced drink when you have sensitive teeth. So much so, lots of people find themselves wishing for spring far beyond the promise of daffodils. So Why Does The Cold Air Cause Tooth Pain? There are lots of reasons cold air causes tooth pain, but the most common reason is tiny little hairline cracks in the teeth. These cracks occur when teeth are repeatedly exposed to sudden changes in temperature. When you breath in the cold air your teeth contract, then when you close your mouth and warm your teeth back up they expand again. This is a normal process and doesn't guarantee your teeth will be affected. However, what can happen is this constant stress on teeth causes little tiny cracks. These cracks expose the nerves to hot and cold temperatures which then causes pain. This isn't necessarily the only reason you might suffer from sensitive teeth. There are many different reasons you could be suffering from sensitive teeth including:
  • Filling issues where the filling has left gaps
  • Crown or bridge issues where the materials have degraded
  • Teeth that have large visible cracks
  • Gums that have recessed due to excessively hard brushing or gum disease
  • Issues with the bite causing damage to teeth
  • Clenching issues
  • Problems with grinding the teeth at night
  • Infections
  • Particularly sensitive teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Fillings that take up a lot of the tooth
These are just some of the many reasons teeth can be sensitive. Allergies and issues with the sinuses can be another cause of tooth sensitivity.

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Charcoal has long been something we relate to barbeques and maybe a touch of art. These days it is now in facemasks, supplements and hair treatments. This is because it is thought to have detoxing qualities that grab lots of bad bits and remove them. Here at your local Egham dentist, we have also noticed charcoal is now being used to whiten and clean teeth in the form of toothpaste and tooth cleaning powders. Is it safe? Does it work? Let's take a closer look at this recent health trend. Activated Charcoal - The Basics The product used on teeth is activated charcoal, which is a treated form of carbon. The carbon absorbs bits of dirt and toxins into its pores when used, and then it is washed away taking the bad bits with it. Activated charcoal used to be used thousands of years ago as a tooth cleaning ingredient, but that stopped once more sophisticated methods of tooth cleaning arose. Should You Use Activated Charcoal? As with any health trend, there are concerns about activated charcoal. The first concern is that it is abrasive which some feel could cause damage to the enamel on teeth with long term, regular use. Another concern is that the charcoal could be absorbing things like medication and nutrients along with the bad things it collects. At the very least, some think that charcoal products are a waste of money because they just don't have the time on your teeth to make any real difference to them. It isn't all bad though, some feel that the tooth treatments are beneficial in fighting bad breath and in whitening teeth to some extent. There are certainly many people who use charcoal toothpaste as an effective toothpaste that gets rid of surface stains better than other brands they have used. Realistically, the best thing to do before you start using a new product like charcoal toothpaste is to speak to your Egham dentist who can advise you on its suitability for your teeth. Charcoal Cleaning And Whitening

2018 - Your Best Year Yet?

2018 is finally here, which means a whole year of opportunity ahead of you. A whole year to develop healthy habits that make you feel great, and maybe even live a happier, healthier, longer life. Struggling for inspiration? Your favourite Egham dentist has 5 healthy habit ideas to help you get 2018 off to an amazing start: 1. Eat More Fruit & Vegetables This year the government suggested changing its recommended daily portions of fruit and vegetables from 5 a day to 7 a day. 'Veganuary' has taken the country by storm, plant based cuisine is even being talked about in Coronation Street! Whether you eat dairy and meat or not, there's no getting away from the fact we could all do with eating more fruit and vegetables. Check out NHS Livewell for tips on eating a diet with more fruit and vegetables. 2. Meet Up With Your Friends More Socialising is very important and helps us feel less isolated. Isolation is thought to be as bad for you as diseases like diabetes. Make more plans with friends, or better still make plans to make new friends by starting new hobbies. is a really good place to start, matching you with local groups who meet based on their hobbies. 3. Go Outdoors Ecotherapy (enjoying activities outdoors) is recommended by MIND UK as a proven technique to help those with mental health issues feel better. The Japanese government also recommend it as a proven way to improve health. Whether you walk down the street for ten minutes or you go for a long walk in the countryside, you'll benefit from being in the outdoors. 4. Get Checkups

Get your oral health on track....

The New Year is upon us, so now is the time to shed the old rubbish habits of 2017 and move on to a bigger, better year ahead. Here at your Egham dentist we aren't about to start advising you on gym routines and new careers, but we can certainly encourage you to look into some new dental goals in this year to come. After all, your smile is so important, helping you express yourself, talk, and look lovely, it is worth putting the effort in to make it as healthy and happy as possible. Here are your Egham dentists top 5 amazing dental goals for 2018: 1. Quit Smoking It is one of the hardest things to do but your entire health will benefit from it. Oral health is affected so badly by it, as it causes oral cancer, increases your risk of gum disease, makes your breath smell, decreases your ability to taste, and has a negative effect on how your teeth look. Check out the NHS quit smoking services for more information on quitting. 2. Brush Twice A Day For Two Minutes It might sound simple but there are still lots of people who don't keep basic oral hygiene habits going. Brushing for twice a day for two minutes is the most basic care you can give your teeth, and it really does count. 3. Look Into Cosmetic Dentistry

Festive smile facts to enjoy.

Here at your Egham dentist we want you to know that we really do appreciate your ongoing loyalty with our services. We treasure the many families who come to us for their oral health needs, from fillings to checkups, veneers to teeth whitening, we offer treatments and services to cater for the dental needs of all ages. As a thank you for being our wonderful customers this year, we wanted to give you 7 fun oral health and smile facts: 1. One In Four Adults Do Not Brush Their Teeth Twice A Day With this in mind, maybe it would have been handy to ask Santa for an electric toothbrush for Christmas to persuade you to brush regularly. Too late? Grab a bargain in the January sales ready to start 2018 with awesome oral hygiene habits. 2. A Quarter Of Adults Have Not Visited Their Dentist In The Last Two Years Your Egham dentist misses you! Regular checkups are what help you avoid pains and problems, plaque and tartar buildup and issues going missed. Give yourself the gift of good dental hygiene this year by resolving to book yourself in for a check up in the New Year. We look forward to seeing you again! 3. A Smile Is Top Of The List In Things We Notice About A New Person So, if you're attending a New Year's eve party and wouldn't mind impressing a stranger ready for the clock striking twelve, freshen up your smile and show it off!

Remember These 5 Things…

Your smile or rather, your teeth and gums, help you express yourself, talk, eat and maintain your facial structure. To support this, an electric toothbrush is a great gift because it keeps on helping you all year long to maintain your smile so that is looks beautiful and feels healthy every day. So if you have asked (or plan to ask) for an electric toothbrush, first off, here is a high five from your Egham dentist for asking for such a useful gift! In today's blog we're going to help you understand the 5 key things to consider about electric toothbrushes so you're completely in the know about the best one to ask for: There Are Lots Of Different Types So If In Doubt, Go Mid-Range. 1. There are several different types of electric toothbrushes. The main types are:
  • Rotating
  • Sonic
  • Pulsating
  • Oscillating
  • Counter-rotating
  • Dual Head
Although it is personal preference as to which type of toothbrush you would prefer, most people opt for oscillating types which spin around the tooth in different directions. This type of toothbrush will do a good job at cleaning the teeth if used correctly, and you can get these them at a good price. 2. The Battery Matters

Accentuate your smile with these ideas from your Egham dentist.

At Christmas time you are likely to chat to lots of people, attend lots of parties and eat lots of food. Plenty of selfies are taken and lots of smiles are needed too! All of those activities depend on a fresh, beautiful smile. Your Egham dentist wants to help you perfect your pout this Christmas so that every festive chat, jingle ball and Santa selfie is absolutely beautiful. Here are our ten tips for a perfect pout this Christmas: Exfoliate Those Lips Your lips dry out with the cold weather and indoor heating, so they will shed more skin than usual. They will also dry up and crack easily, causing injuries that seem to take the rest of the season to heal. Exfoliate them using a soft old toothbrush and some water, moving in gentle circles to get rid of the dead skin. Moisturise Your Lips Once you have exfoliated your lips, the dry skin will come again if you don't keep them moisturised. Use a moisturiser that penetrates the top surface so you get beautifully soft lips all Christmas. Play With Bold Lipstick Colours Sometimes the perfect party outfit doesn't look good no matter how you put it together. Maybe it is missing a pop of colour? Experiment with bright purples, pinks and reds to add some jingle jangle to your Christmas party outfit. Use A Lipstick Base Your lips will look fuller and plumper if you first use a base, like a circulation boosting lip balm before applying your lipstick. Use A Primer

Food and its affects on your teeth and gums

The way you eat has a direct effect on your smile. It makes sense; after all, the food and drink you consume has to go via your mouth before it goes to be digested, and that's the enjoyable bit isn't it! Sweet, salty, crunchy, creamy, fizzy, sour, tangy - there are so many flavours and textures to enjoy. But the concern your nearby Egham dentist has, is that record numbers of people are consuming food with a lot of sugar and acid in, which ends up affecting the teeth negatively. Eating Patterns In Children Eating patterns in children particularly, are a cause for concern, as bad choices can lead to early tooth decay. In the most extreme cases, children have to have their 'baby teeth' removed, which can lead to issues with the adult teeth which are developing under the gums and waiting to come through. It is a common misconception that the baby teeth of children are not important because they fall out anyway, so they are like a 'first chance' set which don't matter because there's always a second chance with the adult teeth. Unfortunately damage can still be done to lots of different areas of a developing smile with a bad diet. Losing the baby teeth can result in issues with the surrounding teeth. The baby teeth are helping the child talk and express themselves and they hold a place for the adult tooth waiting underneath. If they are damaged or the gums are damaged, this can have a knock on effect and cause issues, not only with the adult teeth underneath, but with the development of the smile and with the child's speech. A child may also not carry good oral hygiene habits into adulthood which can then affect their oral health further. A Lack Of Nutrients & Too Much Sugar