10 Tips For A Perfect Pout This Christmas

10 Tips For A Perfect Pout This Christmas

Accentuate your smile with these ideas from your Egham dentist.

At Christmas time you are likely to chat to lots of people, attend lots of parties and eat lots of food. Plenty of selfies are taken and lots of smiles are needed too!

All of those activities depend on a fresh, beautiful smile. Your Egham dentist wants to help you perfect your pout this Christmas so that every festive chat, jingle ball and Santa selfie is absolutely beautiful. Here are our ten tips for a perfect pout this Christmas:

Exfoliate Those Lips

Your lips dry out with the cold weather and indoor heating, so they will shed more skin than usual. They will also dry up and crack easily, causing injuries that seem to take the rest of the season to heal. Exfoliate them using a soft old toothbrush and some water, moving in gentle circles to get rid of the dead skin.

Moisturise Your Lips

Once you have exfoliated your lips, the dry skin will come again if you don’t keep them moisturised. Use a moisturiser that penetrates the top surface so you get beautifully soft lips all Christmas.

Play With Bold Lipstick Colours

Sometimes the perfect party outfit doesn’t look good no matter how you put it together. Maybe it is missing a pop of colour? Experiment with bright purples, pinks and reds to add some jingle jangle to your Christmas party outfit.

Use A Lipstick Base

Your lips will look fuller and plumper if you first use a base, like a circulation boosting lip balm before applying your lipstick.

Use A Primer

Your lips will be the perfect canvas for lipstick if you use a primer like you do on your skin before adding foundation. Just use a basic concealer or foundation across the lips to prepare them for lipstick.

Use A Highlighter On Your Upper Lip

Dab some highlighter on your cupids bow to enhance the shape of your lips and make them look plumper overall. Don’t go overboard though or you could end up looking like the heat is causing a sweaty top lip!

Bronze The Bottom Lip

Placing some bronzer underneath your bottom lip makes your lips look plumper as it adds a shadow effect.

Play With Lip Liner

Lip liner used to be something that was used in later life to help keep lipstick from running into lip wrinkles. Now, everybody of every age uses lip liner to plump up lips and add a more professional look to lipstick application. Have a play with different lip liners to enhance the overall look of your pout.

Use Shimmery Lip Gloss

If any time of year calls for a bit of extra sparkle it is Christmas. The reflective aspect of shimmery lip gloss makes the lips look bigger, so there’s even more of a reason to slap some glitter on your grin at the next Christmas party.

Finally – Invest In Your Smile!

A beautiful pair of lips may not look quite as beautiful if it is framing a smile that needs a little TLC. Cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, or even just a simple scale and polish at your Egham dentist could be just what you need to ensure your smile is stunning this Christmas, lips, teeth and all.

Please call our friendly team on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to help you get booked in for a consultation or checkup so you’re in great shape for the festive celebrations!

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