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A day in the life of a Crown House Dentist

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For many of you, your only experience of us will be your six monthly check-ups, so you only see us in action for 40 mins a year! What do we do for the rest of our time though?  There’s no

Keep Your Smile World Cup Ready!

Custom Dental Mouth Guards in Egham. The World Cup continues to keep even the most unlikely football fan enthusiastic about the beautiful game this year. Your Egham Dentist is here to help you maintain your beautiful smile so that if

Checkups With Crown House Dental In Egham

Why they matter…. Here at your local Egham dentist we offer a wide range of services including modern cosmetic dentistry and most general dentistry treatments. One of the main services we offer is a ‘checkup’. This is where you come

Are White Fillings Right For You?

Alternatives to amalgam fillings at your Egham dentist. When you visit the dentist and need fillings you will usually be offered two different choices, amalgam (silver coloured fillings), or white fillings. The cheapest option are silver fillings, however, many people

The Consequences Of Avoiding Fillings

Do it now to avoid bigger problems later…. One of the most common treatments at our Egham dentists is fillings. They can be done very quickly, painlessly and serve a very important purpose. However, some people do avoid having them

5 Awesome Facts About Teeth

Here are some tooth facts you probably don’t know! Here at our Egham dentist, we are genuinely passionate about teeth. Having studied them for years, you get to really appreciate how incredible they are, and the amazing things they can

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