Month: May 2018

Thinking Of Making Your Annual Holiday A Dental Tourism Trip?

Think Again…. With the rise of cosmetic dentistry and the popularity of having the perfect smile, comes the rise in members of the public seeking the lowest price for treatments. Of course, everybody should shop around for the best possible

Treat Yourself To The Perfect Selfie Smile

Spruce up your smile ready for summer at Crown House Dental in Egham! Selfies are fun everyday, when we do fun things. They are even more fun though, when we have holiday experiences to shout about. Hotdog legs, selfies with

In Celebration Of National Vegetarian Week….

9 Great Meatless Foods For Your Oral Health! Most people would admit that they could eat more fruit and vegetables in their day to day diet. With so many lovely convenience foods around, it can sometimes be easy to forget

Tooth Extraction

Why It’s A Last Resort For Dentists Your natural teeth are incredibly well designed for the job they do. They have been designed to fit together perfectly, to chew and rip off bits of food, to grind and help you

Losing Weight And Your Oral Health

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

What are the risks? Are you trying to lose weight? Has the glimpse of sunshine re-motivated you to get back on your diet and health kick? If that is the case, you’re probably thinking about your calories, exercise regimen and

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