Month: March 2018

8 Top Tips For A Tooth Friendly Easter

Happy Easter from all of us at your local Egham dentist, Crown House Dental! We are all excited for Easter, not just because it is great quality time to spend with family and friends, but also to get excited about

Celebrating World Oral Health Day!

With Crown House Dental in Egham World Oral Health Day is celebrated on the 20th of March every year, and it is a really good chance to give your oral health routines and habits a bit of an MOT. Here

How Important Is It That You Like Your Local Dental Clinic?

Key factors which will help you keep up with regular visits to your dentist in Egham. Here at Crown House Dental in Egham, oral health is at the heart of what we do, and we make a continual effort to

Unhappy With Your Gappy Teeth?

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

Crown House Dental In Egham Can Help Gappy teeth can mean gaps in between every single tooth, or it can mean one big gap in between the top front two teeth. Many people with these kinds of gaps in their

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