Month: February 2018

Bite Problem?

Don’t leave it untreated! Bite problems with the teeth, which are medically referred to as ‘malocclusion’ could include issues like crossbite, underbite, over-crowded teeth and open bites. These types of problems can lead to health issues that can be painful

Could The Boom In Coffee Shops Damage Your Smile?

Staining and sugar – take care! According to media reports, 10 years ago there were less than 10,000 places to grab a coffee on the high street, whereas now there are over 22,000 and that number is growing quickly. We’ve

Make Your Smile Sensational For Valentines Day!

8 Tips From Crown House Dental In Egham Valentine’s Day is a day for love to be celebrated. Maybe you’re spending it with friends or family, maybe you’re going on a first date, or you’re just starting to think about

Is The Freezing Weather Giving You Problems With Your Teeth?

Get on top of sensitive teeth at Crown House Dental, Egham For some people, freezing weather is exciting because it means cosy winter walks, stunning frost dusted scenery and maybe even sledging if the snow falls. For some of us

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