Month: October 2017

Keep On Top Of Your Oral Health This Cold & Flu Season

Simple to follow tips from Crown House Dental in Egham According to recent statistics, adults will get the flu about once every 5 years. More sources suggest that adults will also suffer from a general cold 2-3 times every single

Stay On Top Of Your Dental Health This Winter

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

4 Key Factors Winter is quickly working its way in; in fact we started to feel its presence as soon as summer was over with the Christmas products turning up in supermarkets well in advance! The season certainly has plenty

Stop Your Smile Looking Scary This Halloween!

Don’t let the seasonal festivities compromise oral health. Halloween is coming up which is exciting because it means there are plenty of terrifying events and petrifying parties to attend. There’s also the all important fancy dress choice to think about:

Is your annual winter holiday just around the corner?

Boost your teeth and gum health before you go…. It is the season of winter holidays, where many of us jet off further afield in search of some winter sunshine to help us get through the colder, wetter months here

Keep Your Smile Looking Beautiful This Party Season!

5 easy-to-follow hints and tips from your Egham dentist This party season, no doubt you’re hoping to look beautiful in your glitz and glamour, but the one thing that will be standing out on all your selfies, story updates and

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