Month: September 2017

Take Better Care Of Your Teeth

Using Food Labelling Wisely. Food labels are much better than they used to be, letting us know how much fat, salt, saturated fat, protein and other components are in the processed food we eat. The problem is, marketing is so

Protecting Your Smile – With Crown House Dental

With party season around the corner, remember these tips to help keep your teeth in great shape As it starts to get colder and more blustery outside, most of us spend more time indoors, getting cosy with hot beverages and

Have A Beautiful Smile For The New Year….

With Crown House Dental In Egham! There is still plenty of this year left, so why think about the New Year now you might ask? The thing is, certain types of dentistry do take time to accomplish. For example, teeth

Ready For School Time?

Is your child’s smile ready too? School is starting again, or has already started for many children this week. This is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, for both the parents and the children. Throughout summer they have

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