Month: June 2017

Flossing: The Facts

Inter-dental cleaning and why it’s important. Flossing is not something that is deeply ingrained in oral health regimes within society in the UK. Britain has never really caught on to flossing, and yet in America it is unthinkable for most

3 Key Summer Beauty Tips That Don’t Revolve Around A Bikini Diet

Stay in shape this summer with simple tips from Crown House Dental, Egham. Summer is officially here, and we appear to have had at least one day of sunshine with more on the way! So, now we can properly get

Adult Orthodontics

Cfast braces

Braces For Adults With Crown House Dental Practice In Egham As a child, it is quite normal to have braces, and it is almost a ‘right of passage’ for a child moving into adolescence. But what happens when you don’t

Dry Sockets

Why you get them and what to do about them Dry sockets can occur when you have had a tooth removed. When you have had a tooth extracted and you’re waiting for the gum to heal, there can be complications,

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