Year: 2017

5 Worthwhile Dental Goals For 2018

Get your oral health on track…. The New Year is upon us, so now is the time to shed the old rubbish habits of 2017 and move on to a bigger, better year ahead. Here at your Egham dentist we

Merry Christmas From Crown House Dental In Egham!

Festive smile facts to enjoy. Here at your Egham dentist we want you to know that we really do appreciate your ongoing loyalty with our services. We treasure the many families who come to us for their oral health needs,

Asking Santa For An Electric Toothbrush?

Remember These 5 Things… Your smile or rather, your teeth and gums, help you express yourself, talk, eat and maintain your facial structure. To support this, an electric toothbrush is a great gift because it keeps on helping you all

Have You Asked Santa For Cosmetic Dentistry This Christmas?

What are your options at Crown House Dental in Egham? Are you feeling really unsure what to ask Santa for this Christmas? Is this because you have an idea of something really special you would love, but you don’t really

10 Tips For A Perfect Pout This Christmas

Accentuate your smile with these ideas from your Egham dentist. At Christmas time you are likely to chat to lots of people, attend lots of parties and eat lots of food. Plenty of selfies are taken and lots of smiles

Started Vaping?

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

Please Consider Your Oral Health…. Lots of people have been quitting smoking over the last ten years as more and more studies show exactly how bad it is for you. Shocking statistics have encouraged many to give up those unhealthy

Find Out How Your Eating Pattern Affects Your Smile

Food and its affects on your teeth and gums The way you eat has a direct effect on your smile. It makes sense; after all, the food and drink you consume has to go via your mouth before it goes

Sugar Addiction & Your Teeth

Act now to stave off decay! Sugar addiction is a hot topic in the news and everyone is talking about it. As studies discuss the possibility that sugar could be as addictive as certain illegal drugs, many people have begun

Is Cold Weather Making Your Teeth Hurt This Winter?

It Could Be Time For A Visit To Crown House Dental in Egham. The cold weather is meant to be getting even colder according to recent newspaper reports, which means lots of lovely knitted hats, winter boots and excuses to

Keep On Top Of Your Oral Health This Cold & Flu Season

Simple to follow tips from Crown House Dental in Egham According to recent statistics, adults will get the flu about once every 5 years. More sources suggest that adults will also suffer from a general cold 2-3 times every single

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