Month: November 2016

Diabetes & Your Oral Health

Blood sugar issues and your teeth and gums. Diabetes is a common condition, so common in fact, over 3.5 million people are said to suffer with it in the UK alone according to By 2025 that figure is set

How Failing Emotional Health Can Take Its Toll On Oral Health

Stress and anxiety and how it can affect teeth and gums. Your emotional health is important in relation to your overall physical health. Emotional issues can cause headaches, insomnia, aches and pains, increased risk of heart problems, and a plethora

How Often Do You Need To Visit The Dentist?

Frequency of dental visits – what is recommended? A long time ago, dentistry really wasn’t much of a focus. Dentistry was around, but, there weren’t the advances in technology and treatment we have today; most dentists focused on fixing issues

How Cold Weather Affects Your Teeth

Sensitive winter teeth? As the leaves fall from the trees, and the first mention of snow comes up on the weather predictions, we all get used to a drop in temperature. The central heating is definitely on, and the winter

Make Healthy Choices For Your Teeth This Halloween & Bonfire Night

Watch out for too many sweet treats! The days have just become shorter, the leaves are falling and Halloween and Bonfire Night are officially here. Both holidays, especially Halloween, have increased in popularity over the years as we embrace the

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