Month: September 2016

Can Crown House Dental Help With Jaw, Neck And Head Pain?

TMJ and associated disorders. Here at our handy Egham clinic, we provide the latest general and cosmetic dentistry, but we can also help with jaw, neck and head pain. Before we explain how that is, let’s take a look at

7 top oral health tips from your Egham dentist

Dentist Dr Ahmad Sami

Important dental facts for our patients. When you visit the dentist, you probably have a few things in mind you want to mention, and expect your dentist to tell you anything they want you to know during the appointment. This

Caring For Your Teeth In Later Years

With Crown House Dental in Egham! At our Egham dentists we care for the oral health of patients of all ages, right from tiny tots proud of their very first tooth, to teenagers embracing their first set of braces, to

Getting Your Child ‘Smile Ready’ For School

Oral health tips in readiness for the new school year. As the six weeks holidays draw to a close, it’s time for the little ones to get ready to start or return to education. They’re probably smiling with excitement at

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