Month: August 2016

The Brightest Smile For Your Wedding Day

See how cosmetic dentistry in Egham can help you prepare for your big event! There are few things more beautiful than a stunning bride in a wedding dress, grinning from ear to ear at the occasion. If you’re planning your

Preparing Your Teeth For Your Travels

Oral health tips if you’re travelling. If you’re about to go on a trip, you’re bound to be excited and collecting lovely holiday clothes, accessories, holiday money and other essentials. When we are planning on going away we put a

Quick, Easy Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Teeth

Simple oral healthcare advice for busy people. Here at your local Egham dentist we are passionate about providing you with fast, efficient, high quality dental care. Part of that service, is giving you useful information to ensure you are able

8 Reasons You Need To See A Dentist

Why you may need to get booked in at your local Egham dentist. Patients visit us regularly for check ups, but unfortunately there are lots of people who don’t. Whether they are scared, worried about the finances or because they

Boosting Your Smile Ready For A Big Event

A ‘smile makeover’ for a special day from your Egham dentist. A big, confident, bright smile makes all the difference. It not only makes you look younger, appear more attractive and friendly, but it makes you feel good too. Whether

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