Month: June 2016

Gum Disease In Children

A worrying dental problem for young and old. Gum disease is something we would usually only consider being a problem that adults experience. Unfortunately, the real truth is that children are susceptible to gum disease too. Less children are found

Are you considering Orthodontics?

Discussing modern dental braces. Orthodontics is a part of dentistry focused on aesthetics, jaw and teeth placement and it continues to be more and more popular every single year. Previously children and teenagers were the main patients for this type

Are White Fillings Right For You?

Alternatives to amalgam fillings at your Egham dentist. When you visit the dentist and need fillings you will usually be offered two different choices, amalgam (silver coloured fillings), or white fillings. The cheapest option are silver fillings, however, many people

The True Effects Of Tooth Loss

What you may not realise if you’ve lost a tooth. Here at your local Egham dentist we have a wide variety of modern general and cosmetic dentistry treatments that enables us to improve the speech, health, comfort and aesthetics of

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