Month: March 2016

Sour Sweets : The Truth

Exploring their adverse effect on your teeth…. At Crown House Dental in Egham Surrey, we really do make a huge effort to keep all our patients informed about anything and everything we think is useful to help you have the

Dental Implants At Crown House Dental, Egham

Natural, strong, missing tooth replacement. At our Egham dental practice we are proud to have Dr Raj Joshi leading our dental implants team. Dental implants are an extremely advanced aspect of both restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and they have absolutely

Cosmetic Dentistry At Crown House Dental Practice

Treatments to spruce up your smile this spring! Our Egham surgery offers a broad range of dentistry that is designed to help maintain dental fitness. Whilst we are justifiably proud of the general treatments at the heart of our clinic,

Your Bedtime Oral Health Routine Matters

Don’t skip the bedtime brush and floss! Here at your local Egham dentist, we like to give you information in as many ways as possible. We display information in the clinic, we give you lots of information during your appointment,

Dealing With Sensitive Teeth

Your Egham dentist offers advice to help overcome this common problem. At our Egham dental surgery one of the most common problems our patients tell us about is sensitive teeth. This is no surprise as it is something a large

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