Keep Your Smile World Cup Ready!

Keep Your Smile World Cup Ready!

Custom Dental Mouth Guards in Egham.

The World Cup continues to keep even the most unlikely football fan enthusiastic about the beautiful game this year.

Your Egham Dentist is here to help you maintain your beautiful smile so that if the big wins keep coming, you’ll have a healthy and happy smile ready for the victory!

The tournament, along with the exceptional weather we are being treated to this summer, is encouraging many of us to venture outside and take part in sport, whether that is football, tennis, rugby or even something solo like cycling or running. This is a great thing for our oral and dental health, but it does come with its risks.

Dental Injury Through Sport

All sports, but especially contact sports, come with a risk of dental injury. The injuries can range from sharp knocks cracking a tooth, to extensive soft tissue and jaw injuries. These types of injuries can have a long-lasting effect, causing lots of pain and the need for costly, extensive dental treatment long-term, long after the World Cup has finished. Nobody wants their summer selfie to be with an ice pack on their cheek, or tainted by dental pain that could have been avoided with a simple, dental device.

Custom Dental Guards For Effective Tooth And Gum Protection During Sports

Dental guards are designed to protect the teeth and gums during sports, so if there is contact with the gums, teeth or mouth, there is some protection to help prevent injury. Dental guards come in three main types:

One Size Fits All

Dental mouth guards bought from a shop or online in a one-size-fits-all capacity (per age group) will provide some protection to the teeth and gums. They don’t change shape or work to fit the teeth and gums in a ‘snug’ fashion and instead provide some general protection during sports.

Mould Your Own

Mould your own mouth guards are bought online or from a shop and you place them in hot water before moulding them around your teeth. These are better than one size fits all but, often the material is sub-standard and isn’t designed for optimum dental protection. They also aren’t designed to last that long, and the DIY moulding is not as effective as it could be because it hasn’t been done by somebody trained to create the best fit.


Custom mouth guards are designed using materials that provide optimum protection. They are also fitted by our Egham dentist who is trained to create a custom guard that offers maximum gum and tooth protection for you. They do cost more than your average shop bought mouth guard, but, in the long run the protection they offer is likely to save a lot of pain and money in dental treatments.

Speak To Your Egham Dentist About Custom Mouthguards

If you play a sport regularly that requires tooth and gum protection, please speak to us about a custom mouthguard to protect your smile. You can call us on 01784432641 and we will book you a consultation with us at a time to suit you. We’re here to ensure you have the most beautiful, healthy smile for the rest of the summer and hopefully for life!

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