Your Bedtime Oral Health Routine Matters

Your Bedtime Oral Health Routine Matters

Don’t skip the bedtime brush and floss!

Here at your local Egham dentist, we like to give you information in as many ways as possible. We display information in the clinic, we give you lots of information during your appointment, and we like to provide information via our website and blog as well.

So, we thought it would be a great idea to give you some useful Q&A’s relating to your bedtime oral health routine.

How you look after your teeth when you aren’t visiting us at our local Egham clinic really does matter, and the bedtime routine matters a lot because it affects the activity in your mouth during the hours you are asleep. You’re not going to be eating during this time, but the acids and bacteria in your mouth will be very much alive and active, so it is important to ensure you set your mouth up for success when preparing it for the hours you are asleep.

Is It That Bad Going To Sleep Without Brushing Your Sleep?

It is actually, very bad to go to sleep without brushing your teeth. Every time you eat, the bacteria that happily live inside your mouth eat on the food you have consumed and then expel waste afterwards. This waste is acidic which is very damaging to your teeth, and will work to attack your precious tooth enamel eventually breaking it down enough to cause tooth decay.

If I Don’t Brush My Teeth One Night, Will The Damage Done Be Permanent?

Forgetting to brush your teeth before bed once in a blue moon will not permanently damage your teeth. But forgetting regularly will enable the plaque on your teeth to harden which is when a hygienist has to remove it. Your gums will then start to feel the problems as plaque build-up irritates the gums and you may find yourself getting gum disease. In the early stages these issues are treatable, but later stage gum disease, excessive tartar and plaque will do permanent damage.

What If I Brush My Teeth Quickly?

You need to invest as much time and care into brushing your teeth at night as you do in the morning. Spend at least two minutes getting into all areas of your mouth, taking care to spit and not rinse. If you rush brushing, you won’t get the plaque away from all areas of the teeth, which means it can still generate acidic by-products and do damage.

Are There Any Ways To Make Brushing At Night More Convenient?

There are lots of ways to make brushing at night more convenient. We recommend getting into a routine with brushing before bed, so it starts to just be something you do automatically. Try to get a toothbrush that feels really comfortable to use so that brushing is a pleasurable experience. If it hurts, is sore or difficult to brush it might be worth popping in to see us at Crown House, as there could be underlying issues that need identifying and treating.

Visit Crown House Dental, Egham, For More Information

If you would like more help and advice with your night-time oral hygiene routine, please talk to us about it during your next checkup. If you need to make an appointment, please call us on 01784432641 and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to book you in.

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