Top Valentine’s Day Tips From Crown House Dental, Egham

Top Valentine’s Day Tips From Crown House Dental, Egham

Spruce up your mouth with this oral care advice!

This Valentine’s Day, you’re could well be looking forward to some indulgent time with someone special, whether that is a friend, a new date, a partner – there’s something great about having the excuse to celebrate your special relationship together.

As your mouth is integral to Valentine’s, whether that is through smiling to impress a new date, whispering sweet nothings to your loved one, or maybe even catching a cheeky smooch, it is so important to show your mouth some love this February the 14th. Here are some top Valentine’s Day tips from your local Egham dentist:

Avoid Food That Gives You Bad Breath!

Onion and garlic are notorious for giving temporary bad breath, as even when you have brushed your teeth, or left it a day, they get into all your pores and come out through your breath, and sometimes through your sweat! Avoid garlic and onion for a few days before Valentine’s to avoid bad breath caused by smelly food.

Get Oral Issues Checked Out

If you have had persistent bad breath for a while, it may be caused by a medical issue in your body, or an oral issue in your mouth. If you suspect it is an oral issue, come and see your Egham dentist to get the root cause identified and treated. If the issue isn’t coming from your mouth, you need to see your GP to rule out causes like diabetes, stomach ulcers or kidney problems. If you have any other oral issues causing you pain or bad breath, you should come and see us before your next check up so we can stop the problem progressing and help you back on your way to a healthy mouth.

Keep Your Mouth Moist

A dry mouth is a cause of an unhealthy mouth, so it is important to keep it moist. A dry mouth is a hive of activity for bacteria, and contributes to bad breath and plaque. This is because your saliva is very active in flushing out ‘bad’ bacteria, and plays a big part in maintaining the health of your mouth. If you have dry mouth you may want to discuss medication with your doctor that could be causing it. It may also be an oral issue, in which case come and see your local dentist here in Egham for a check up.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Maybe your smile is stained from years of smoking, or you have cracked or gappy teeth you have never had fixed. If you’re under confident about your smile, why not treat yourself to tooth whitening, or more restorative cosmetic dentistry; especially if your lack of confidence (because of your smile) has stopped you finding love. Maybe it is your loved one who is lacking confidence because of their smile? Why not skip the roses and the perfume this year and give them the gift of cosmetic dentistry; wouldn’t it be lovely to see them smiling again?

Please give our Egham clinic a call on 01784432641 and we will be more than happy to give you more information.

Happy Valentine’s!

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