How To Look After Your Baby’s Teeth

How To Look After Your Baby’s Teeth

Cleaning baby’s first teeth.

Congratulations, your baby’s teeth are on their way! This is such an exciting milestone, you’re right to celebrate!

So now your baby is sprouting their first pearly whites, it is time to start looking after them. Whilst this set isn’t permanent, the first teeth are extremely important and the health of them is an essential part of ensuring your baby’s gums and adult teeth are healthy too.

We meet many parents at our Egham dentist to discuss how best to keep their baby’s teeth healthy. Whilst it is always best to talk about this face-to-face and with some demonstrations, in the meantime, these useful tips are a great start:

Bring Your Baby In With You When You Come For Your Appointment

Your baby doesn’t need to come in to us until about 6 months, or when their first tooth comes through. We recommend you bring them in with you on your appointment so that they can get used to all the sights, smells and sounds of the dentists before they come in for their very own appointment. Our Egham dental staff have special training in how to make babies feel happy and comfortable at dental appointments.

Start Early

It is a great idea to start wiping your baby’s gums with a warm, clean, wet piece of muslin or similar before they get their first teeth. This helps them get used to having the area cleaned, and it helps keeps the gums healthy.

Once The Teeth Come Through, Look After Them Immediately

Once your baby does start getting teeth, you will need to care for them straight away. They are so important for paving the way for healthy adult teeth and helping your baby eat properly and talk properly and allowing the second permanent teeth develop at the right pace and in the right position.

Water, Water, Water

Getting your baby to drink lots of water is a fantastic habit all round. You should be brushing their teeth as soon as they come through, twice a day preferably.

Fluoride Toothpaste

Current recommendations are that you use a smear of adult toothpaste when brushing until the child is old enough to spit out the excess, then swap to an adult paste and a pea size amount. Don’t teach rinsing after brushing.

Come In And See Your Egham Dentist

Pop in and see us at our TW20 dental practice for more information. You need to advise us of your pregnancy so we can provide you with the right dental care and also advise you about your baby’s dental care at this stage. You should also bring your baby in to us when they get their first tooth or between the age of 6 months to a year. We are excited to help your child build strong and healthy teeth for the future!

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