Yanking Baby Teeth Out: The Facts

Yanking Baby Teeth Out: The Facts

Don’t do it!

Children will get loose teeth as they go through the natural stage of losing their baby teeth whilst the adult teeth push through. This is entirely normal and nothing to be worried about.

A common mistake people can make when their child’s teeth are wobbly is encouraging the child to yank the tooth out, or allowing them to do so. There are course some instances where a parent may yank the tooth out themselves – but here’s why you shouldn’t!

Why Yanking Out A Baby Tooth Is Unnecessary

This could be for various reasons, but it is important to recognise that it is always a bad idea. In virtually all cases, the baby tooth will fall out on its own because the roots will dissolve on their own. They will eventually have nothing keeping them attached to the mouth, so even if the tooth seems to need help, nature has designed this process well, and they should come out on their own even if they are taking their time.

The Complications Of Yanking Out A Baby Tooth

The complications that can happen when you yank teeth out are undesirable and avoidable and can involve having to pay a visit to your Egham dentist. They could also mean unnecessary pain and suffering for your child, as well as permanent damage to the mouth in some cases. Some common complications of yanking a baby tooth include:


The gums may bleed if a tooth is taken out prematurely, and can happen if a tooth is wiggled out, but this is much less likely if the tooth is ready to come out. To control this bleeding, hold clean damp cloth on the affected area until the bleeding stops. If it continues after several minutes you need to contact a local dentist straight away.


If you pull a tooth out prematurely it will hurt, there is no getting around that. This can be for several reasons, including because the baby teeth have cut into gums and the gum opening is infected, in which case you need to visit a dentist. This painful experience may cause trauma for the child who may then develop a fear of anybody touching their mouth or teeth. This can then lead on to problems with dental checkups at your Egham dentist, and with oral care generally. So please don’t take the risk!


Yanking out a baby tooth can cause infection, and this is one of the most important reasons not to pull a baby tooth out prematurely. If an infection occurs it can cause pain, swelling and symptoms throughout the body like fever and a general feeling of being unwell.

What To Do With Stubborn Baby Teeth

In most instances a baby tooth will drop out when it is ready to. If it does seem to be taking too long, gentle wiggling could help it along, but in no situations is it recommended to yank a tooth out of the mouth. If you are concerned the tooth has caused infection, that it is taking too long to fall out, or that it is bleeding too much after falling out, please call 01784432641 to speak to your Egham dentist for advice. If it is out-of-hours, please contact 111 to get information about out-of-hours dental services in your area.

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