Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Why It’s A Last Resort For Dentists

Your natural teeth are incredibly well designed for the job they do.

They have been designed to fit together perfectly, to chew and rip off bits of food, to grind and help you digest, to help form the shape of your face, to help you talk and to help you express yourself. Nothing else apart from a natural tooth looks or feels the same, and as dentists, we want to help you keep your teeth for your entire life.

Sometimes, your teeth might need a little help because of dental issues like disease or damage. When this happens, we will always do our best to suggest treatments that are all about saving the teeth.

We know sometimes, to some patients it may seem cheaper, simpler and less painful just to have a tooth removed. Particularly when the area of the extraction is back into the mouth where the loss of the tooth cannot be seen. However, the effects of this kind of loss are more far-reaching than you might realise.

What Happens When A Tooth Is Extracted?

When there is a tooth missing, the other teeth tend to move, which could cause them to look different, and may also affect your bite. If you do need a tooth removed, then your Egham dentist will make the actual procedure of extraction as comfortable as possible, but afterwards there is still a slight risk of infection and possibly some healing pain. Replacing teeth can also take up a lot of time and effort, as well as extra costs you wouldn’t have to pay if you still had your tooth. There is also the impact tooth loss can have on the way you eat and speak. So having a tooth out is less-straightforward than you first might imagine.

How A Dentist Will Try And Save Your Tooth

A simple filling will always be the first port of call when it comes to tooth decay. If your tooth can be saved with a filling, then that will be a quick and simple treatment provided by your Egham dentist.

If you have an infection in the tooth, then a deeper treatment will be needed in the form of endodontics, otherwise known as root canal. Root canal tends to be nearly pain-free and leaves you with less after-procedure pain and discomfort than extraction usually. Modern dentistry enables us to ensure you can have the most comfortable experience possible during this kind of treatment. It is usually needed when there is infection inside the tooth, which can be caused by lots of things. When it is diagnosed, your dentist will remove the infected pulp and clean the entire tooth out, before sealing the chamber.

The tooth is then restored, hopefully so it is saved without problems in the future.

Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure!

Where possible, your dentist in Egham will always try to help you avoid dental treatment being needed. Regular checkups, brushing, good hygiene habits and eating and drinking habits will protect your teeth from issues. However, even with the best intentions infections can occur, and injuries can happen. That is why checkups are always important, to ensure your dental health is always supported. You should also always call Crown House Dental if you experience oral pain or issues between checkups as the sooner diagnosis and treatment is given, the more affordable, pain-free and easy to treat the issue will be.

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